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photo of personaliTEA teapot (black)
personaliTEA teapot (black)
Rating: 97
only $19
photo of simpliciTEA teapot
simpliciTEA teapot
Rating: 98
only $24

Signature Blends

photo of Ishgardian Innkeep
Ishgardian Innkeep
Score: 99
by Cad Avre
earl grey lavender, almond, cream
photo of Lominsan Shipyard
Lominsan Shipyard
by Cad Avre
vanilla, white tangerine, berry blues
photo of Diminutive Arcanist
Diminutive Arcanist
Score: 99
by Cad Avre
irish breakfast, cream, peppermint


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Apr 8th '20
Great quality whisk, really glad that I decided to go ahead and get one from Adagio instead of a cheaper one from somewhere else. Pleased with the quality.