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photo of keemun concerto
keemun concerto
Rating: 93
17¢ / cup
photo of darjeeling sungma summer
darjeeling sungma summer
Rating: 94
17¢ / cup
photo of golden monkey
golden monkey
Rating: 95
27¢ / cup

Signature Blends

Chrysanthemum : Otohiko
Chrysanthemum : Otohiko
by Pate Chaud
chamomile, lemon grass, dragon fruit dream
Carnation : Morgan Lowell
Carnation : Morgan Lowell
Score: 90
by Pate Chaud
vanilla oolong, cream, butterscotch
Proteas : Zoya Amemori-Kozlova
Proteas : Zoya Amemori-Kozlova
by Pate Chaud
hazelnut, vanilla, cream


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Jan 14th 2019 | Public Msg
Asia said:
HEWWO... I am so sorry I changed Miyu's tea blend like fifty times. Now that I've gotten the ingredients listed out, hopefully that should lock in at least the base components? Unless it turns out it's way too many flavors. (Also I can provide a clearer sprite for the label, because all her recent ones have ghost transparency and despair eyes)

Latest Reviews

Feb 7th '20
This really kicked in my nostalgia. I ve drank jasmine tea throughout my childhood, and this was a wonderful reminder of the taste. It may be simple, but it has such a classic taste of jasmine tea.
Feb 7th '20
I love the mint! It doesn t hold up well with multiple brews, but that first cup is so refreshing.
Feb 5th '20
A very aromatic tea! The smell of peach was such a delight. It s perfect for a light and soothing drink.
Dec 29th '19
It s quite the smooth and relaxing tea. The flavor is mild and refreshing with its floral hints. Plus, it s really great and cheap!
Dec 6th '19
The tin is very cute! As for the mints, they re nice and not overpowering. The matcha is rather faint though, and I wish it could be tasted a bit more.
Jun 3rd '19
This one tasted off to me. I didn t get vanilla, or if I did, it didn t register since it didn t taste vanilla-like to me. This tea was rather disappointing as a result.