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Jan 24th '19
This was a great gift for someone during the holidays. I should have bought one for myself!
Jan 24th '19
beautiful, subtle jasmine flavor; the pearls are so unique
Jun 10th '18
I ordered just a sample packet of Earl Grey Lavender because didn't think I'd like a deviation from the standard Earl Grey which is my go-to tea. But I love, love this tea! It is eye pleasing and the flowery and subtle vanilla/cream tone adds an unexpected twist to an old favorite. The aroma is so inviting. I'm glad I gave it a try!
Jun 8th '18
Earl Grey is my favorite tea, but most brands are bland. Bravo has the character Earl Grey deserves! It's esthetically pleasing to look at and has enough bergamot to make it a satisfying cup of tea. Thank you!
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