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Latest Reviews

Mar 15th '19
This is one of my new favorites. It s tied with cha cha at the moment for the number two spot. The vanilla is a nice foil for the other flavors in the tea and sets it apart from cha cha, which is otherwise almost the same. I have been drinking cha cha for a little self-care in the evening at the end of a long day, but see myself making room for foxtrot in that rotation from now on. It s so soothing and feels like a hug in a cup. If you like cha cha, give this one a try. Me thinks you ll like foxtrot too! UPDATE: This tea continues to be a favorite nightly ritual. I can't get enough of it's fabulous flavor and soothing nature. I've tried many other teas since, but I keep coming back to this one (and cha cha) as my nightly go to. Please! Try this tea! (6 mins @ 212°F)
Mar 12th '19
This tea is great iced. I m not a huge fan of it hot, but it isn t bad at all. Just my personal preference. But boy is it great iced! This is going to get a lot of air time come summer. It s like watermelon juice in a glass. So yummy!
Mar 10th '19
This is a nice tea with almost a Meyer lemon flavor. Drinks with lemon flavor tend to remind me of Pledge furniture polish, but this has a pleasantly honest burst of lemon that is a really nice compliment to the tea. Neither overpowers the other. It is good hot or iced, sweetened or unsweetened. A nice, uncomplicated cuppa good anytime of day.
Mar 6th '19
Hallelujah! That s all I can say about this tea. Not only does it taste absolutely delicious, but believe me when I say it will cure what ails you. I was drinking this daily as a wellness tea. Unfortunately I ran out and didn t have any on hand when I caught a really bad head cold. Couldn t breathe through my nose, ears plugged, sore throat, the whole thing. I rush-ordered more and within a day of drinking it, I was back on my feet. Coincidence? Maybe. But I think not. I did some research on the ingredients in this tea, and they do have some powerful detox properties. I added some echinacea to mine to give it a little boost, but the echinacea alone wasn t working so I do attribute my quick rebound to this tea. A cup a day is back in my rotation again for sure. Salud!
Mar 6th '19
I really loved the smell of this tea when I opened the bag. But when I brewed it, the taste was kind of...flat. There was a slight fruity aftertaste, but I had to look for it. All I really tasted was black tea. Good black tea, mind you, but that was it. I m going to try to tweak it a bit and will update if I m able to coax that yummy fruit smell into the taste. (3 mins @ 212°F)
Mar 4th '19
This made a great iced tea, but I did not care for it as a hot tea. Just my personal preference. I had to use double or triple the recommended amount of tea to get any real flavor when I brewed it. I tried different water temps and steeping times, but nothing helped other than adding more tea. Lots more tea. Then I could taste the fruity goodness. It s really yummy iced, but then again I had to brew it even stronger to stand up to the dilution once the ice melted. The watermelon and berry flavors are good and natural tasting. Overall this is a tasty tea with a real pop of fruity flavors. But it would get a little expensive to use as much tea as I would need in order to get any flavor payoff. I ll have to keep tinkering with this one and see what happens. It s worth the effort!
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