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May 21st '18
This tea was good, but just like with the honeybush apricot the flavor was a little ambiguous. It tastes like fruit, but not like what an apricot tastes like. I love fresh peaches and apricots, so maybe I m harder to please with teas in this flavor profile. It s very enjoyable, but as a generic slightly sweet fruit flavored tea, not an apricot tea. I may or may not buy again.
May 21st '18
This tisane tastes like a handful of sweet-tart raspberries popped in your mouth. Genuine flavor and medium astringency on the tongue. Very soothing hot and refreshing iced. A little raw sugar tastes better than honey with this flavor profile. I will buy again this summer.
May 19th '18
This one didn t really taste like apricot to me. I tasted rooibos more than anything else. There was some sort of fruit in there, but it didn t taste like apricot. It wasn t bad, but it wasn t anything outstanding either. It just tastes like a generic sweet rooibos to me. I have higher hopes for the decaf apricot which I will try next.
May 18th '18
This tea remind me of my moms blueberry oatmeal. It doesn t taste like oats at all, but it evokes that same sense of warmth and comfort surrounded by the aroma of blueberries. Usually fruit flavored teas fall short with their mere hint of fruit flavor, but the blueberry flavor here is surprisingly present. Nice, clean tea flavor with a very long, lingering blueberry finish that I can definitely see myself serving for Sunday brunch with waffles and scones...and maybe oatmeal! True blueberry goodness. (3 mins @ 212°F)
May 18th '18
Perfect pure chamomile. You can tell this is high end tea! Fresh and clean flavor. UPDATE: I just ordered a big bag of this tea in loose form because it has become a favorite. My daughter Sam drinks this literally every night and will never go back to store-bought tea bags again! She mixes it with other caffeine free Adagio teas (like wild strawberry) for her own blends of bed time brews. It has become a loving ritual for us to share a delicious nightly cuppa and talk about our day. This chamomile is the basis for everything relaxing and delicious, and has taken center stage in our regular tea rotation. Perfect! (5 mins @ 212°F)
May 18th '18
I gave this to a friend who loved teavana s kona pop and she said that while this wasn t an exact dupe, it was still really good in its own right. UPDATE: I've since ordered a sample myself and this tea definitely does remind me of teavana kona pop, which I used to drink iced on its own or mixed with blueberry. It's juicy and yummy and brings back fond memories.
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