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Shawna P.
Shawna P.

Latest Reviews

Feb 20th '19
I was so pleasantly surprised! I am a HUGE coffee drinker, the darker and stronger the better. This tea was a great replacement for my morning joe. It gave me a gentle but substantial pick me up and even after my third cup I had none of the jitters and crash I get from too much coffee. The taste was satisfying too, deep and toasty with a full mouth feel. It re-steeped well and played nicely when blended with other teas. I'll be getting more of this tea for sure!
Feb 8th '19
Subtle but interesting flavor. Smelled a little like Pledge in the bag, but brewed up a delicious golden liquor true to its lemon and lavender flavors. I preferred a bit of sugar in mine, but it was also good without. Lovely right before bed! (10 mins @ 212°F)
Feb 8th '19
Love my new teaspoon. It takes the guess work out of making the perfect cup of tea. I got the one without the clip and it fits perfectly on the tea station in my bedroom. Thanks Adagio!
Feb 7th '19
These are too good! Just like rock candy. They sweeten tea without changing the flavor and are somehow better tasting than sugar. I will be ordering more of these for sure.
Aug 13th '18
This is a great sampling of teas. Each delicious in its own right. (I'm waiting for cooler weather to try the Chai however so I'll update when I do). The teas themselves are great, and the bags make it convenient to enjoy my favorite flavors away from home. I can have hot, fresh tea anywhere I go, or even throw a bag into my water bottle for a nice cool refreshment on the road. Delicious and convenient. The perfect combination!
Jul 31st '18
Of the strawberry, peach, blueberry, and eternal spring white teas in this sampler, eternal spring is my favorite by far. It is a simply perfect tea, on its way to being my favorite white tea hot or iced. It has the best balance of fruit/floral flavors I have ever tasted, followed by very little astringency. No sweetener is necessary. The strawberry and blueberry are genuine representations of their respective namesakes and very natural
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