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Shawna P.
Shawna P.

Latest Reviews

Aug 13th '18
This is a great sampling of teas. Each delicious in its own right. (I'm waiting for cooler weather to try the Chai however so I'll update when I do). The teas themselves are great, and the bags make it convenient to enjoy my favorite flavors away from home. I can have hot, fresh tea anywhere I go, or even throw a bag into my water bottle for a nice cool refreshment on the road. Delicious and convenient. The perfect combination!
Jul 31st '18
Of the strawberry, peach, blueberry, and eternal spring white teas in this sampler, eternal spring is my favorite by far. It is a simply perfect tea, on its way to being my favorite white tea hot or iced. It has the best balance of fruit/floral flavors I have ever tasted, followed by very little astringency. No sweetener is necessary. The strawberry and blueberry are genuine representations of their respective namesakes and very natural
Jul 23rd '18
The first time I made this tea, I steeped it for only 2 mins. This left me with a grassy, brothy, slightly-vegetal brew with little recognizable fruit flavor. When I steeped the second cup a minute or two longer, however, this tea really bloomed. The grassiness mellowed and became more sweet than green , almost like sweet hay. The fruit flavors came alive, but no one specific flavor was more pronounced than the others. Rather this melange tasted like a whole new fruit, delicious in its own right. This tea is delicate while still being quite flavorful, and was perfect for a quiet moment in the afternoon. It is also great iced! I will be enjoying this tea again in the very near future for sure. Another great cuppa from Adagio! (4 mins @ 180°F)
Jul 20th '18
This is a happy little tea bursting with fruit juiciness. Orange first, then peach and mango. All set off nicely against the white tea. Juicy in the front end, with a soft lingering astringency at the end. Like peach fuzz when you eat a peach. (Mind your time and temp or the astringency will sneak up on you.) This is very aptly named. You ve got the fuzzy. You ve got the navel. Very good both hot and iced, sweetened or unsweetened. All in all, a bright and lively cuppa! This one is going to be a favorite! (3 mins @ 180°F)
Jul 20th '18
Every one of these teas brewed up a great pitcher of tea. The peach was my favorite, with a perfect juicy peachy-ness. Then the mango, which I landed up blending with a peach batch to make my own pseudo-tropical iced tea. Very good. The blood orange was best by itself and was a new take on iced tea for me. I preferred a bit of sweetener (honey worked best) with this one. All in all, each was a winner in its own right. Flavorful, well balanced, not too astringent, refreshing and yummy. I will be ordering more as a quart (4 cups) does not last long at all at our house!
Jul 20th '18
Yummy tea. Nice cocoa and caramel notes. A little cream and sweetener (agave in this case) made it even better. This will be a perfect substitute for a morning cup of joe, without those nasty caffeine jitters.
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