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fujian jasmine pearl
fujian jasmine pearl
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gourmet sips
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Shawna P.
Shawna P.

Latest Reviews

Jul 4th '18
I m becoming a huge fan of green rooibos. I not only love the taste, but I find that it s hard to oversteep it. This is great for when I forget to set my tea timer! This tea has a nice presence of citrus well balanced against the flavor of the rooibos. The natural orange and lemon flavors add a nice zest which is complimented by the mango and apricot. There s a soft acidity in the aftertaste, probably from the oils in the orange peel, but not a lot of astringency. It s great both hot and iced, with or without sweetener. I found that honey worked best if I wanted a little sweet as it complimented the flavor profile better than sugar or agave. Honey and citrus just seem to go together. Another winner from Adagio! (5 mins @ 212°F)
Jul 4th '18
This tea had a very strange artificial lime flavor as well as a sort of dusty taste to it. I brewed it with varying amounts of tea and at different temps, and added honey, sugar, and agave, but I could not get rid of the almost chemical lime flavor or the dustiness. I even tried it iced, without success. Out of all the teas I ve gotten from Adagio (which I love!), I m sad to say I was not a fan of this one at all. Perhaps it s owing to my own taste preferences (which is strange because I love lemon and lime). I m sure others will enjoy this tea, and it s always worth a try, but this one, sadly, was not for me.
Jul 2nd '18
Lovely tea. I truly love green rooibos. This blend is sublime. The fruit flavors are well paired and perfectly balanced against the rooibos. It s light and lively and very refreshing, nice and juicy with light astringency. Perfect for any time of day. A perfectly lovely cuppa! (5 mins @ 212°F)
Jun 30th '18
LOVE The tea tox, especially loose. I mix it with other teas as well as herbs for an even healthier tea. I looked up the ingredients that make up this tea and it has some serious health benefits. This isn t a tea just for taste, it s truly a health tonic that I ve had great success with.
Jun 22nd '18
I m a Gemini but born on the cusp, and I love peach so I thought I d give this a try. Especially since Gemini was sold out. It s not quite as peach forward as white peach or peach oolong. It definitely has a stronger taste of the actual teas than the peach and is a bit more bitter and astringent. This is still a nice option for when I want a tea with more legs than those lighter options because the peach is still there, it s just not as pronounced. I m going to try it iced and maybe mix it with some peach serenity for a little more peach presence. Still a good tea that I ll probably enjoy in the morning when I need a more assertive tea to get me going. UPDATE: I must have over steeped or scalded my first cups of this tea because when I made it again at the right time and temp, wow what a difference! The flavors of the teas and the peach, as well as the astringency and mouth feel, were much more balanced, and the bitterness was gone. A few drops of organic agave made the peach dance! I'm so glad I didn't give up on this tea prematurely. It still has great legs, but it's going into my all-day-long rotation now, not just for 'those' mornings.
Jun 22nd '18
Beautiful buds and full, long leaves make up this tea that brews to a light amber liquor. I tasted it before I let it finish brewing and did not like the green, almost vegetal-fishy flavor. But when I came back after the timer was done I was so pleasantly surprised by the way the tea had bloomed. A lovely, delicate floral-ish flavor with just enough clean taste at the end to keep it light and fresh. Still a tad green , but in a good way. Light astringency and soft mouthfeel make this a peaceful, light tea for a quiet sipping moment. Very nice tea all around.
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