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photo of white tangerine
white tangerine
24¢ / cup
photo of white strawberry
white strawberry
score: 93
24¢ / cup
photo of white toasted coconut
white toasted coconut
score: 95
24¢ / cup

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photo of Geisha in the Snow Revival
Geisha in the Snow Revival
Score: 90
by A. C.
cherry green, lychee rose green, wild strawberry
photo of White Pear Strawberry
White Pear Strawberry
Score: 98
by A. C.
strawberry, white pear, wild strawberry
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Earl Grey Lemon
Score: 99
by A. C.
earl grey bravo, lemon soleil


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Dec 31st 2022 | Public Msg
Michele said:
Thank you, and Happy New Year to you. 🤗

Latest Reviews

Jan 21st '23
What a lovely (and DARK!) black tea! Aquarius folks are lucky to have such a delightful blend in their honor!
Jan 20th '23
I'm not fond of ginger tea to begin with - but this version, 'Double Ginger' is definitely not for me! I am, however, glad to have tried it via the CommuniTEA...I can safely say that I had a full cup, and based my review on a appropriately sized tea portion.
Jan 18th '23
I could *distinctly* taste the mushroom! Turns out, I don't like drinking mushrooms, even if they are fine ingredients in my pasta!
Jan 15th '23
Arabica Mocha was a tasty little treat that exists somewhere between 'I want a cup of coffee, but I don't want a cup of coffee' type of flavor. I didn't get any hazelnut flavor, but it was a very nice departure from traditional coffee and traditional tea, as well.
Dec 13th '22
Excellent tea! I love a good vanilla treat, and this green tea was very smooth and delicate. Fabulous with some honey as well.
Dec 12th '22
Cozy gingerbread tea - it's excellent with some honey, and I'll bet it's awesome with some milk too!
Dec 11th '22
Chai can sometimes be overpowering, but this decaf version is just right!
Feb 25th '22
Luscious green tea that has a smooth flavor and gorgeous pale yellow-ish green color, it's particularly beautiful against a white cup's interior.
Jun 7th '21
This one struck me as a very 'dark' tea - it had a smooth flavor, and was very tasty but a little outside my preferences...UPDATE! After adding a tiny bit more rock sugar crystals, this one is superb!
Jan 17th '21
This was a very smooth tea, but I couldn't place its' flavor...nice quality though!
Dec 17th '20
Smooth green tea, but I don't really detect the flavors on this one - will revisit, but I could tell it was a good quality.
Dec 17th '20
I got the one with the bag clamp recently - the bowl at the end seems to be poorly soldered onto the handle and one side did come off the handle when I used it for the first time. The clamp works fine, but I'm sadly disappointed in this item.
Nov 23rd '20
Bought these for a charity event basket - as part of a 'gourmet' set. Very nice portion for the price!
Nov 23rd '20
Bought these for a charity event basket - as part of a 'gourmet' set. Very nice portion for the price!
Nov 23rd '20
Not my favorite, it was both smokey and rather spicy. I can definitely see & appreciate it as an autumn flavor...but yeah, not my kind of flavor.
Sep 29th '20
Ginger Peach tea is a good option for me when I have a touch of a upset stomach so I treat this one a bit like a remedy. Tasty with some honey too!
Sep 29th '20
Floral + Green, a true delight for a cup of tea in the afternoon. Watching the tea leaves unfurl is also relaxing
Sep 29th '20
Excellent green tea, and I love the pyramid shaped tea bags. perfect portion, steeping method and ease of use
Sep 29th '20
exotic & decadent tea! it is quite floral, and somehow very gentle in flavor too
Sep 29th '20
Lush, fruity and delicious. If you aren't the biggest fan of raspberry green tea - this one will make up for it.
Sep 29th '20
Very nice set of a choice of many cup options and tea options. Makes a very suitable gift for someone you may not know very well, while still conveying a personal touch.