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Rating: 88
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jasmine silver needle
Rating: 96
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genmai cha
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Latest Reviews

Apr 13th '18
Really, really fascinating tea! It's more than just the color, which is a fun thing, of course. Many of the reviews will talk about the blue/purple properties. I'd like to mention that the aroma of the leaves is delightful, sweet and fruity, and it carries over into the flavor. A bit candy-like, with a definitely blueberry flavor. I loved it.
Apr 13th '18
Quintessential Earl Grey. A strong black tea with a lovely bergamot and citrus flavor. It can oversteep and get astringent and bitter, so watch your time. I like mine strong, though. A hint of astringency doesn't bother me in an Earl Grey. (5 mins @ 212°F)
Mar 18th '18
Let me start off by saying that I was very disappointed when I realized that I actually ended up spending more money to get the collection than if I'd ordered each sampler separately. This is a problem across the board with the tea samplers of Adagio and actually the first thing I have found here at this site that I have been unhappy with. Now-onto the reviews of the tea themselves! Earl Grey Bravo: Fantastic tea! Very fragrant orange and bergamot in the aroma, carries well into the flavor of the tea. Classic. Lives up to the standard. Earl Grey Moonlight: The creamy scent is strong, but perhaps it was my brewing, I failed to discern it very well in the tea's flavor itself. There was very little difference between this and the Bravo, in my opinion. (I could be completely wrong, I plan to do two different brews in one night and post an update.) Earl Grey Green: Surprisingly good! I wasn't expecting to like it much, if I'm honest. The green tea itself was solid and (I'd call it dependable) pleasant with the bergamot flavor. It was unusual for a long-time Earl Grey drinker and an exciting change. Earl Grey Rooibos: The fruity sweetness of the rooibos was an unique change to Earl Grey. A lot of reviewers didn't like it, but I already liked rooibos tea, so taking the sweetness of it and mixing it with the citrus of orange and bergamot to me, worked.
Mar 12th '18
These little pearls unfurl to reveal a stunning and delicate aroma and taste. Very strong scent and flavor of jasmine, beautiful! There are other sweet and delicate flavors there, but the green tea tends to be overpowered by the jasmine. However, if what you're looking for is a really undeniable jasmine, then that's what this is. It is exactly what I was hoping for, and I can't wait to try Adagio's other Jasmine Pearl offerings. (3 mins @ 190°F)
Mar 10th '18
Sweet in both taste and aroma, this did not need an extra sweetener in my opinion. However, I like darker teas without sweetener, too. It is an excellent quality chamomile, and if all you've ever had it bagged, this will be an eye-opener. It's light and has that distinctive apple aroma, as well as that honeyed, floral flavor that is classic chamomile. Mostly buds and petals, no 'dust' like you find in bagged chamomile from the grocery store. Re-steeps well, too! Just add some extra time. (5 mins @ 212°F)
Mar 10th '18
This is a lovely new option for me! It's different than any other tea I've yet experienced. Very herbal, sweet and flavorful. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it took to re-steeping very well! I took the advice of the other reviews and tried several brews over the course of the day. Absolutely worth it. (5 mins @ 212°F)
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