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earl grey bravo
earl grey bravo
Rating: 95
12¢ / cup
earl grey moonlight
earl grey moonlight
Rating: 96
12¢ / cup
earl grey lavender
earl grey lavender
Rating: 94
12¢ / cup

Signature Blends

Berry Mojito
Berry Mojito
Score: 80
by Clem Violette
citron green, spearmint, white strawberry
Tropical Earl Grey De La Creme
Tropical Earl Grey De La Creme
Score: 90
by Clem Violette
earl grey bravo, decaf tropics, cream
Raspberry Cream Earl Grey
Raspberry Cream Earl Grey
Score: 99
by Clem Violette
earl grey bravo, raspberry, cream


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Messages for Clem:

Jun 16th 2019 | Public Msg
Tom said:
Hi Clem, New to Adagio teas and bought a sampler of the samurai mate and raja oolong chai to try and replicate the Teavana mix. Did 1:1, 2 tsp and 212 for 10 minutes. Was close so have ordered 16 oz of each. Sounds like you have found the secret formula. What did you end up with?

Latest Reviews

Apr 27th '19
Update 27/04/2019: Finally figures out the right combination the way Teavana used to mix their Raja & Samurai teas & it's EXCELLENT!!! (If you mix this one right with the Samurai Matte you very close to what you got from Teavana. Now I can still enjoy it as a latte.)
Apr 21st '19
Buh-bye reg. elec. kettle, hello temp. control kettle. The only thing I regret is putting it off for so long to get me one of these. Best tasting teas ever now then before.
Feb 26th '19
It's a very good tasting tea after all. It grew on me when I had it for a 2nd time.
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