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photo of darjeeling sungma summer
darjeeling sungma summer
score: 94
20¢ / cup
photo of earl grey lavender
earl grey lavender
15¢ / cup
photo of brigadoon breakfast
brigadoon breakfast
available Feb 2024

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photo of Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman
Score: 99
by Kim J.
white blueberry, wild strawberry, honeybush vanilla
photo of New Orleans Saints
New Orleans Saints
Score: 99
by Kim J.
caramel, honeybush banana nut
photo of New Orleans Saints (decaf)
New Orleans Saints (decaf)
Score: 99
by Kim J.
rooibos caramel, honeybush banana nut


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Jul 23rd 2021 | Public Msg
Deborah said:
Happy Birthday! Hope it is a wonderful year ahead waiting for you!

Latest Reviews

Oct 31st '20
I’m just not as into this as most people. It tastes like lemon popcorn to me. I like it a little better cold-brewed than hot. The color and the color-changing is fun though.
Oct 23rd '20
To me, this tea has a very toasted flavor, almost nutty.
Oct 22nd '20
The smell of this tea in thebpackage is almost vinegary, but the taste is great when steeped. Very Granny Smith!!
Oct 18th '20
I was thinking I may not like this one because I’m not big into toasted mate. Fortunately, the orange is the dominant flavor with a bit of cinnamon, and I really like it! I better put the teapot away or I will drink too much of it, and it is 10:30 at night. Lol.
Oct 17th '20
The flavor of this tea is mostly red rooibos with a hint of almond. I added some pure cane syrup, and that made the flavor really nice!!
Oct 15th '20
This tea isn’t my favorite, but that is probably because i’m not a huge fan of anise.
Oct 13th '20
This tea definitely has a blackberry tartness to it. Plain, I give it 4 stars, but I give it 5 stars when sweetener is added to it.
Oct 12th '20
While I’m not tasting a lot of pear, I am really enjoying this tea. I think the pear is cutting some of the astringency that white tea can have. Oddly, I have a free sample of this arriving in a package tomorrow.
Oct 5th '20
I’m not really into this one, mostly because it reminds me of the hand soap in the bathroom at Target.
Oct 4th '20
This tea has a mild cinnamon flavor, as opposed to the fiery cinnamon spice, which has a strong cinnamon flavor. This tea is almost sweet on its own.
Oct 3rd '20
I love flavored oolongs! The almond in this one isn’t overpowering, but the oolong tea isn’t overpowering either.
Oct 1st '20
I’m giving this 5 stars because it isn’t bad for a toasted mate. I’m not really into toasted mates though. I think it would be a good choice for coffee drinkers trying to get into tea because the toasted flavor is similar to the toasted flavor in coffee.
Sep 29th '20
Very nice basic earl grey tea! A classic that you should definitely try.
Sep 27th '20
I definitely taste more mint than chocolate. I did taste more chocolate than mint for the first couple minutes that the tea was steeping. Maybe 3 minutes would be a good time to get a good balance?
Sep 26th '20
This tea isn’t bad for a valerian tea. It has several other ingredients to disguise that valerian taste. (I have several teas with valerian that are very potent since straight valerian smells like feet!)
Sep 24th '20
The red rooibos pairs really well with the apple and cinnamon. This tea is what o imagine you would get if you combined apple cider and rooibos tea!
Sep 22nd '20
How have I not reviewed this tea already? I must have bought it previously as part of a set or with the better tea club subscription. I do wish the peach flavor were a little stronger. For that reason, I prefer Adagio’s peach oolong to this tea.
Sep 21st '20
A nice, light green tea. Not too grassy or nutty, which I don’t love in green teas. I could see keeping this one on hand for a basic green tea.
Sep 17th '20
A very nutty and toasty flavor to this oolong. I love oolongs, but this one isn’t my favorite, possibly because of the toasted flavor.
Sep 15th '20
I love vanilla, and this one is nice for an herbal because the honeybush doesn’t compete as much with the vanilla as the rooibos does. The vanilla rooibos is also a really nice herbal vanilla herbal tea.
Sep 13th '20
I’m not sure how I haven’t already reviewed this since I bought a box of teabags and gave it to my book club members when we read The T girl of Hummingbird Lane, which partially takes place on Yunnan province. Anyway, this is a nice smooth black tea. It is a little different than your standard breakfast teas, and it is nice to have the variety!
Sep 10th '20
Lovely white tea. I do find that approaches a green tea flavor, but isn’t quite a green tea.
Sep 9th '20
I accidentally oversteeped this one, but luckily this is a tea where the berry flavor also gets stronger if you oversteep it. I’m only having a small cup tonight, but I think the leftover cup will be very nice on ice tomorrow.