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15¢ / cup
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red tent
15¢ / cup
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chicago teas
only $9

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photo of How Do They Rise Up?
How Do They Rise Up?
Score: 95
by Seb
white eternal spring, gunpowder, decaf spice
photo of The King
The King
Score: 99
by Seb
lapsang souchong, green chai, turmeric bliss
photo of Murderhawk Monster
Murderhawk Monster
Score: 99
by Seb
ceylon sonata, spiced apple chai, blood orange


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Latest Reviews

Mar 13th '21
This is exactly what I needed. I have a mug that holds nearly three cups, and it s been very difficult to find loose-leaf strainers big enough - and impossible to find any that are both big enough AND with a fine enough mesh to brew rooibos. This mesh is very fine and the capacity is perfect for my large mug, and would probably also be good for smaller mugs as long as you mark on the side how much you need to fill it
Mar 6th '21
It s a nice tea, smooth and grassy with a somewhat flowery undertaste. The only reason it s four stars instead of five is that you need to be VERY precise with the brewing or it turns bitter without warning, and that s a level of care I just can t commit to. (3 mins @ 185°F)
Feb 23rd '21
This is a very nice white tea with no pear flavor whatsoever. It simply tastes like white tea, and that s pleasant enough, but I can t taste even a hint of anything else. As with many Adagio teas, I m not sure why there are apple pieces. They sure don t add flavor. Are they just to increase the weight? (3 mins @ 175°F)
Feb 20th '21
At first it s shockingly artificially minty, but that dissipates after a time. By the time I neared the end of the cup it was acceptable, but never quite delicious, and that first unpleasantness... no thanks. (5 mins @ 212°F)
Feb 20th '21
Nicer than I expected from smelling it, honestly. The lemon flavor gives it a tinge of Alka-Seltzer, but nothing so strong you can t ignore it, and over-all it s a light and refreshing taste. Naturally sweet. (5 mins @ 212°F)
Feb 20th '21
It smells incredible from bag to cup, earthy and strong, but unfortunately the flavor is a little weak for a pu-erh. It s still good, but it definitely needs a longer brewing time than I m used to pu-erh needing. But after about ten minutes instead of five, it s delicious, and it definitely holds up to multiple steepings.