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sweet tooth teas
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Signature Blends

photo of [Hamilton Tea] Alexander Hamilton
[Hamilton Tea] Alexander Hamilton
by Eva M.
chocolate, hazelnut, honeybush vanilla
photo of [Hamilton Tea] Angelica Schuyler
[Hamilton Tea] Angelica Schuyler
by Eva M.
fruit medley, mango melange, rooibos vanilla
photo of [Hamilton Tea] Thomas Jefferson
[Hamilton Tea] Thomas Jefferson
by Eva M.
passionfruit, honeybush mango


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Latest Reviews

Mar 7th '21
Never tried pearls before, it was a fun experience
Mar 7th '21
It smells peach more than it tastes peach, but a good tea overall
Mar 7th '21
A good chai, maybe a bit too spicy for me because of the ginger
Mar 7th '21
Too 'flowery' for me, but to be honest I'm not fond of Earl Grey
Mar 7th '21
A great discovery, haven't tasted Matcha beforehand
Mar 7th '21
Really pleased with this tea, one of my favorites.