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photo of yunnan jig
yunnan jig
score: 95
20¢ / cup
photo of yunnan gold
yunnan gold
score: 96
42¢ / cup
photo of golden monkey
golden monkey
score: 96
32¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Living Shadow
Living Shadow
Score: 93
by What No
cream, blackberry, hazelnut
photo of Blood of the Dragon
Blood of the Dragon
Score: 93
by What No
vanilla, pomegranate green, dragon fruit dream
photo of Royal Guard
Royal Guard
Score: 92
by What No
earl grey bravo, vanilla oolong, turmeric bliss


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Messages for What:

Jul 27th 2022 | Public Msg
Jess said:
I bought some teas from your Final Fantasy set, and reading your descriptions and how much effort and thought you put into them is awesome and makes me enjoy them so much more.

Latest Reviews

Sep 19th '19
It wasn't really a taste I was expecting, but it still wasn't bad per se. Would consider ordering again.
Sep 19th '19
I LOVED this tea. The dark chocolate-y notes are definitely there. The color of the tea is also a pretty, deep red. This is one of my favorite teas so far!!
Sep 19th '19
I bought three flavors of these cookies - the berry, honey, and vanilla. All three of them were tasty in their own ways. The berry cookies were soft and very sweet, while the honey rooibos had a mild but sugary flavor. The vanilla ones were probably my favorite. I loved how chewy they were, with the hints of cinnamon and vanilla. Definitely worth the price.
Sep 19th '19
I had never used filters before using these. They work great! Even rooibos, which I find to oftentimes be the culprit of getting loose while steeping, did not seem to break free of the filters. Also a great deal for the amount of filters received.
Sep 19th '19
I LOVED this tea. I've come to the realization that chocolate teas just aren't really for me, but alas, I decided to try this anyway. I made a very good decision! This tea is sweet, smooth, and very much like a chocolate-covered strawberry!
Nov 30th '18
I'm still pretty new to green rooibos, and truth be told this wasn't my favorite. I didn't hate it, but perhaps this just wasn't for me. Based on the reviews, I know for a fact that this is definitely someone else's cup of tea, but it just wasn't mine.
Nov 30th '18
I am not usually the biggest fan of Earl Grey tea. However, I found that the Earl Grey and lavender meshed very well together. Probably my favorite Earl Grey tea on Adagio.
Dec 8th '17
As someone who doesn't much enjoy chocolate-y teas, this wasn't too bad. The spices from the chai were what completed it.
Nov 24th '17
I was a bit wary about this tea, since some of the reviews said it was a bit earthy and bitter. But as it turns out, I quite like earthy teas! And this did not disappoint. I also enjoyed how the tea came in pearl shapes, as it was my first time trying tea in this form.
Nov 17th '17
I was a bit wary before trying this tea since some of the reviews mentioned it being quite grassy and an acquired taste. However, I did not find this tea to be difficult to drink at all!! I loved the combination of the nuttiness and the grassy tones. One of my favorite green teas for sure.
Nov 16th '17
Really good!! It smelled great in the bag, and after brewing, it was smooth in texture and sweet in taste. The best pu'erh I've tried so far.