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photo of lapsang souchong
lapsang souchong
20¢ / cup
photo of ginger
Rating: 90
15¢ / cup
photo of valentines
Rating: 93
15¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Raggedy Man
Raggedy Man
Score: 99
by Tamara Foxw...
thai chai, rooibos caramel, honeybush vanilla
photo of Melody Pond
Melody Pond
by Tamara Foxw...
pu-erh tahiti, almond oolong, rooibos vanilla
photo of Idris
by Tamara Foxw...
earl grey moonlight, pu-erh tahiti, thai chai


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Latest Reviews

Oct 2nd '17
This is the best chamomile ever to sit and relax with!
Oct 2nd '17
This is Amazing!! I love this one!! Definitely a new fav
Oct 2nd '17
This was fantastic! I loved the subtle hints of vanilla were delightful!
Oct 2nd '17
My BFFF got this in the Earl Grey sampler for me a couple months ago because she knows I love earl grey. It's become my most favorite tea EVER! I a spoon of sugar and a dash of cream and it's the perfect midday tea. Love love love it!
Oct 2nd '17
The is fantastic! A perfect pick me up in the morning!
Oct 2nd '17
Absolutely delicious! Definitely a proper tea time fav!
Oct 2nd '17
Has a nice bold, rich flavor. I had mine with a touch of cream and sugar!
Oct 2nd '17
This is AMAZING! definitely worth the wait!! Will be getting again for sure!
Oct 2nd '17
One of my very favorite chai blends! and of course Adagio does it best!
Oct 2nd '17
I love darjeeling and this has become my favorite!
Oct 2nd '17
I had never tried this kind of tea before. just ok
Oct 2nd '17
I had never tried this kind of tea before. not my fav