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score: 96
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Harley Quinn
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chocolate chip, wild strawberry, candy apple
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earl grey moonlight, currant, blueberry
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Sep 2nd 2021 | Public Msg
Sue said:
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Oct 7th 2021 | Public Msg
Sue said:
Sarah, Cool photo. The tea looks like a heart inn the bottom of the glass and the tea reflection looks like it has a great big smile.
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Oct 10th 2021 | Public Msg
Carrie said:
Beautiful dog!!!

Latest Reviews

Oct 29th '21
I was hoping this would taste more like maple syrup--I'm getting more cinnamon, cardamom and creme flavor than maple, I think. Well, it is still a pleasant, lightly spiced and mildly sweet tea.
Oct 28th '21
The smell of this tea reminds me of Tootise Rolls! That must be the chocolate flavoring. I enjoyed this without milk or sugar, and the mildly sweet flavor of honeybush works great with the mild chocolate flavors. Is this like drinking hot chocolate? Absolutely not. But it's a pleasant, lightly cocoa-flavored drink.
Oct 26th '21
The taste of this blend is like black tea with apple flavored jolly ranchers! There's definitely a candy taste to it. The cinnamon is not strong, which seems right for a candy apple blend. Steeped at the recommended time and temperature, it's a bit too tannic for my liking. I would try steeping at a lower temperature than 212 degrees, and not for too long! (I only steeped 3 min).
Oct 24th '21
This is a cozy and interesting variation on a spiced autumn blend. I get a hint of smoke from the toasted mate, and though mate itself isn't my favorite base because of its flavor, the orange, cinnamon and ginger blended well with it and made a fairly tasty brew. I would be interested to try this in other blends.
Oct 23rd '21
I am surprised at how much I like this blend! When I opened my CommuniTea packet, it smelled like apple Jolly Ranchers! I was afraid this would be too sour. However, I steeped for 7 min at the recommended temperature and drank this plain, and I like it! It's fruity and sweet enough to counter the tartness, and the color of the brewed liquid is a brilliant red!
Oct 21st '21
This is pretty good, but I wish I could taste more green tea. The creme brulee, while yummy, is a very strong, sweet flavor and overpowers the others for me in this blend, especially as the tea cools. Hot, I was able to discern some smokey Gunpowder green tea flavor and it was an interesting combo with the creme brulee. Kind of like mildly smoked caramel.
Oct 19th '21
The description of this tea was accurate to my experience. This is a delightfully complex blend with bright, tart, almost floral, tannic and malty notes. I steeped it at 212 degrees for 3 minutes and did not find it too tannic.
Oct 18th '21
You have to be a fan of rooibos to enjoy this one, I think. I like woody, mildly sweet rooibos, but I think black tea makes a better base for this sweet almond flavor (think almond extract--not eating almonds!). This blend is gently sweet and tastes about equally of that almond flavor and rooibos.
Oct 17th '21
This blend is very similar to the black tea based Pumpkin Spice blend, but the honeybush ensures a smooth, slightly sweet, and less tannic experience. I like both, because I really like this blend of spices. I love that this option is available so we can have pumpkin spice flavor in herbal blends!
Oct 16th '21
I rinsed this tea for 15 seconds and then steeped for 4 min. I really like the smooth, mineral, kind of light sweetness of the Pu-erh as the base for this blend. I also like the anise and cinnamon combination. Great blend!
Oct 14th '21
The smell of this blend is of wonderfully juicy blackberries. The taste is of equally balanced blackberry flavor and black tea. A lovely blend that reminds me of blackberry gummy candy.
Oct 13th '21
Juicer than I expected—like a ripe pear in both smell and flavor. Delicate but not under flavored. Fruity and just a touch floral.
Oct 8th '21
The lightly herbal flavor of yerba mate works perfectly with citrus in this blend. What surprises me about this blend is the almost buttery feeling on the finish. Lovely!
Oct 6th '21
I was hoping to detect more of the spices in the flavor of this blend--but maybe that is because of what happened to be in my CommuniTea packet. I mostly taste and smell smoke, hazelnut, and a hint of sweetness. The hazelnut became more dominant as the tea cooled. I like this, but I wish I could taste those other spices!
Oct 5th '21
When I opened this packet I was surprised not to smell very much cinnamon. When I brewed it at the recommended 212 degrees and time, again there was shockingly little cinnamon smell or flavor! I was able to find the cinnamon--a gentle, warm, mildly fragrant cinnamon--when the tea cooled. This is a nice tea...but far too mild for a cinnamon tea!
Oct 3rd '21
The smell and taste of this blend is strongly spiced with a hint of fruity sweetness in the background. I think the dominant spice that I am tasting is cardamom. I like this one a lot more than the Apple Spice Chai, it's quite a different balance of spices. This is such a lovely, warming autumn tea.
Oct 1st '21
I guess wasn't expecting this vegetal a green tea to be the base of the vanilla green. This is a fairly nice, comforting tea, but I am not getting very much vanilla flavor--I think it is being overpowered by the green! What vanilla I do get is mostly a weirdly cloying aftertaste. Update: The vanilla was more noticeable as this tea cooled, but the blend is still just ok to me.
Aug 31st '21
A tasty black tea with background notes of fruitiness that I couldn't identify any further. I made this according to the recommended steep time and temp.
Aug 30th '21
Tried this as a CommuniTea packet--maybe there wasn't enough lavender in my sample, but I didn't taste any lavender. Just a LOT of lemon! Tart but good if you love lemon.
Aug 28th '21
This is a solid black tea with a delicious mango flavor. I cold steeped this one, and preferred it without sweetener. The slight astringency of the tea compliments the juicy mango perfectly!
Aug 27th '21
This is a delightfully light, slightly buttery tea complimented with tropical fruit flavor in the background. I made it hot. Very tasty.
Aug 26th '21
I brewed this hot to the recommended time and temperature. It is a light and pleasant blend--juicy pineapple and a touch of coconut flavor. I did not have any rose petals in my packet, and did not sense any rose taste. This was fine for me!
Aug 23rd '21
This is such a smooth, delicious tea. The smell is incredibly juicy peach, and the taste is peaches and almost buttery smooth black tea. Steeped at the recommended time and temperature, I didn't get any astringency. Added a touch of sweetener. Yum!
Aug 22nd '21
The color is the best part of this tea--it really is stunning! I thought my tongue would be blue from drinking it, but that doesn't seem to be the case, which is nice. I like lemongrass, but I wish I could taste more blueberry in this tea. I tasted it before I added lime juice and still did not detect much blueberry. Maybe it's my CommuniTea packet.
Aug 21st '21
This tea brews to a beautiful, bright chartreuse color. The smell and taste are wonderfully deep and savory--a classic, vegetal green tea taste (to me). Steeped at the recommended time and temperature, I did not note any unpleasant bitterness--just the regular slightly bitter note of green tea.
Aug 19th '21
I was worried that this would be too tart, but I think it is actually very well balanced. There is a strong, sweet, ripe strawberry taste and a tartness as well, both complimenting each other. The brew is a glorious pink! Warning though--this got more tart as it cooled.
Aug 17th '21
When steeped at suggested temp/time: I wonder if I should not have eaten lunch before having this tea...I can barely taste any flavor! I also am getting no scent--I smelled something else to make sure I hadn't lost my sense of smell! But no. The only flavor I am getting is more like sensation--a slight buttery mouthfeel followed by a bit of tartness, like unripe fruit. I wish I could taste the flavors others mention in this one, but it barely tastes different from warm water to me. UPDATE: Omg, once this first steep cooled to almost room temperature, I was suddenly able to taste apricot and floral notes! It is still extremely mild though.
Aug 15th '21
Hm...not really tasting much hibiscus in this! It smells juicy and tart, but the taste is mostly black tea with a whisper of a strange tartness that I don't find very pleasant. I don't usually like hibiscus in teas, so I'm assuming that's the hibiscus! Oh, when the tea had cooled down to room temperature I tasted more hibiscus for sure.
Aug 13th '21
Yum! I love lychee but don't usually like rose tea, so I wasn't sure how this blend would be for me. It's great! Very fruity, lychee-forward in smell and taste, complimented with a bit of green tea bitterness (in a good way) and soft rose notes. I brewed this hot.
Aug 12th '21
My CommuniTea packet may have been unbalanced today--I had mostly hibiscus and rose hips with just some fruit pieces. The smell somewhat hinted at mango, but the taste, brewed both hot and cold, was dominated by hibiscus. I don't usually like hibiscus that much, but with some simple syrup I liked this blend. Maybe there was some subtle fruitiness that was tempering the hibiscus, but I couldn't pinpoint the specific flavor. Cold this was quite refreshing.
Aug 11th '21
I did not taste much cherry in this blend--the floral notes were more noticeable to me, as well as the black tea itself. Not a bad blend, but I just wish it had more cherry. Why include the rose at all? Maybe I am just not registering the cherry flavoring that they use as cherry...
Aug 9th '21
Wow, I like this tea a lot more than I was expecting! This smelled very grapfruity, but the taste is mostly earthy, buttery smooth oolong with just the slightest hint of grapefruit. So if you are looking for a really grapefruit tasting tea, this might not be it. But this is a very tasty oolong with a whisper of grapefruit lingering after you sip.
Aug 8th '21
Yum! I brewed this hot, but I bet this would be good cold too. Very refreshing--light but still flavorful. Before I knew what this had in it I picked up strawberries in the smell primarily--but after reading the description of the blend I definitely notice the peach a lot in smell and taste. The fruity flavors are complimented perfectly by the lightly sweet, woodsy taste of the green rooibos.
Aug 6th '21
I was surprised at how much I liked this one. The smell of the packet is very strong and almost bitter, but brewed hot, the tea is not bitter and has just the right amount of orange flavor--it compliments the tea rather than overpowering it, but is not totally lost either. I'm sure this would be nice in a lot of blends as well, or cold.
Aug 3rd '21
I got watermelon from the scent of the packet, but when brewed hot, the taste was mostly hibiscus and a strange flavor that I find difficult to describe, except as a lingering unpleasant aftertaste. Maybe cold this would have been better? Or maybe this CommuniTea packet was not representative of the blend.
Aug 2nd '21
I usually like Earl Grey tea, but this one was too bergamot-dominant for me, and the black tea flavors were too subdued.