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photo of Huhuhuhu!
Score: 98
by Oos Ooserson
white monkey, earl grey green, wild strawberry

Signature Blends

photo of Thanatos: Death Incarnate
Thanatos: Death Incarnate
Score: 99
by Brittney D
chocolate, blackberry, chocolate chai pu-erh
photo of Master of Earth
Master of Earth
Score: 99
by Brittney D
chocolate chip, chocolate chai, gingerbread
photo of Master of Lightning
Master of Lightning
Score: 90
by Brittney D
ginger, blueberry, lemon soleil


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Mar 30th 2020 | Public Msg
Heather said:
I don't know if you're still making Ninjago blends, but I'd love to see ones for Pixal and Skylor.

Latest Reviews

Mar 4th '21
Could see from the first smell of it in the box why this is the top seller in the collection! Death by chocolate gets a whole new flavorful meaning with this one, the spices and blackberry adding an almost cobbler-like quality.
Mar 4th '21
Fruity with a hint of earthiness, this is a rich full bodied blend. Would recommend with cream and a small dab of honey to really bring out the sweeter side of the fruit. Smelled like a pie while steeping!
Feb 10th '21
I rarely buy this much of a blend to start with but I'm glad I did! The pu-erh deepens the blueberry and the cornflowers add a lovely, mystical quality. Highly recommend serving with Wilton pearl dust and/or edible star confetti for a visually stunning, show-accurate cup.
Feb 10th '21
A definite mood booster, the varieties of Earl Gray in this blend play off of each other well, and with a rich sweetness. The extra orange peels make the blend smell wonderful during the steeping process, and add a brightness to the flavor. Now, I may be biased as Earl Gray is one of my favorite types of tea, but this one truly offers something special!