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photo of irish breakfast
irish breakfast
Rating: 96
10¢ / cup
photo of thai chai
thai chai
Rating: 94
15¢ / cup
photo of spearmint
Rating: 96
12¢ / cup

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Whiskey Johnny
Whiskey Johnny
by Stephen Hod...
vanilla, spearmint, currant
by Stephen Hod...
hojicha, almond oolong, vanilla oolong
by Stephen Hod...
cream, strawberry, chocolate


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Latest Reviews

Sep 4th '17
This was delicious. I really enjoyed the sweet melon flavor!
Sep 4th '17
Does what it says on the tin (sack). Definite recognizable sour apple taste, a bit of a watery taste otherwise. Still for an herbal not bad. Wish there was a non candy apple black tea
Sep 4th '17
Straight up smells like fruity pebbles. Tastes like a light earl grey with a dash of fruity pebbles. Maybe that's just the smell changing my mind, but man, it can surprise you. In a good way.
Sep 4th '17
Candy cane tea doesn't quite have the overwhelming senses of sweetmint that you imagine with the name and the candy cane pieces. It's probably for the best though, as the tea is quite good, with not as manic and tacky taste as you hoped/feared.
Sep 4th '17
A stronger than expected jasmine taste. A very real danger of oversteeping on this tea, but if watched carefully, it's quite good. Also, do not let get cold, taste like rainwater and lawntrimmings cold.
Sep 3rd '17
Smells exactly like key lime pie in the bag, but when brewed tasted only very sour without any identifiable lime flavor. (5 mins @ 212°F)