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Jan 14th 2021 | Public Msg
Dorothy said:
Thank you Jen...I used some of the filters on the phone and PicsArt to get the 11 year old showed me all these things...I think I am not smarter than a 6th grader!
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Jan 14th 2021 | Public Msg
Roberta said:
Your dog is adorable!
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Jan 17th 2021 | Public Msg
Julie said:
Awesome dog! He even smiled for his photo!
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Jan 17th 2021 | Public Msg
Valerie said:
Aww, thank you for your kind compliment.
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Jan 21st 2021 | Public Msg
Susan said:
So, what did the pup think of the tea today after his "sniff"?

Latest Reviews

Jun 15th '21
Maybe it's because I didn't steep this at a lower temperature than instructed by the CommuniTEA packet, or maybe it's because I saw maybe one apple piece and zero mango pieces in said packet, but I did not taste any mango in this at all. It wasn't BAD, because I like Ceylon black tea, but it definitely didn't taste like mango to me, like at all. I will say that I liked it better as it cooled.
Jun 9th '21
I was so excited to open this CommuniTEA packet today when I saw the ingredients listed on the back. I knew it would smell heavenly and I was right; it absolutely did. I wish I'd thought to brew it cold instead of hot, but it was just as good hot as it was when it went cold while I was working. This is pretty tart, so if that's not your thing, it might not be for you, but I really loved this! I also loved how it got sweeter as it cooled. 10/10 would recommend!
Jun 8th '21
This was not good. Like, at all. I don't really have strong feelings one way or the other toward citrus flavors or rooibos teas but this was just really disappointing. The smell was strongly citrusy and therefore the practically non-existent flavor was a huge letdown, unfortunately. Admittedly, this did taste better once it went cold, but all in all, this was just super underwhelming, at best. UPDATE 6/8/2021: This is still really underwhelming and so forgettable, in fact, that I didn't even realize I'd already tasted and reviewed this one for the CommuniTEA until I loaded this page up to write my review today. It hasn't changed. If you're here because you're a fan of red rooibos then you're in the right place, but if you're here to try something orange-flavored, your princess is in another castle.
Jun 3rd '21
My CommuniTEA sample didn't contain any cherry pieces (or if it did, they were especially small), so I definitely got the aroma of cherries when I opened the packet and even after it was brewed, but the flavor I got reminded me more of rosewater than cherries. Not bad, but not really what I was expecting based on the name of the tea. I think that's just on the CommuniTEA packet, though.
May 26th '21
The first thing I noticed upon opening my CommuniTEA packet this morning was that the raspberry scent was both heavenly and super strong, so I couldn't wait to brew this. I have every confidence that this is lovely when cold-brewed, so I've gone ahead and started a second steep in cold water in my fridge, but I won't be able to try that until later tonight. In the meantime, I wanted to also steep hot because that's the tougher sell for fruity teas, for me. While I don't generally enjoy tart fruit flavors like berries or citrus fruit (other than lemon) flavors while they're hot because they tend to be too tart or bitter for my taste, this one was different. Something in the balance of this made it almost equally as pleasant hot as I imagine it'll be iced. It's tart, but not overly so. The raspberry is not completely overpowered by the rose hips (although, admittedly, this packet, in particular, was definitely in danger of that; it's very close), but all the flavors instead are present in a layered way. I wish I understood the point of using so many apple pieces in practically all of these blends - I'm sure there's a reason, but in this case, I feel like it has a lot of potential for absorbing the wrong flavors and leaving the rose hips to take over if not blended carefully enough by Adagio or well enough upon first receiving it by the tea drinker. I don't know, just throwing that thought out there while it's present. All in all, I was pretty pleased by this one. I'm usually wary of a hot brew of anything with rose hips in it and I might have just gotten especially lucky with this packet, but this tasted very balanced and made for a lovely cuppa. I...don't know that I'd say raspberry flavor jumped out at me super recognizably but I can tell that's what the aim was, for sure. I recommend this brewed cold or brewed hot and allowed to cool to at least tepid for best enjoyment, but this is definitely delicious no matter what. Worth at least a try!
May 19th '21
First and foremost, this one is not for me, so I'm going to try to be objective. This is a much richer, darker tea than I've ever tried. It looked like black coffee in my mug. I did rinse it thoroughly before actually steeping it to get rid of the fishiness that I generally experience with these types of teas, but it doesn't take away from the fact that I can only describe this as smelling and tasting a bit like drinking dirt while tending a stable. It's not tasty if you don't already love woodsy, smoky, earthy teas. If you DO like those, definitely give this a try, but you have to really love that to be able to enjoy this. Normally, I can at least finish more than a sip even if I don't like a tea, but not this one.
May 17th '21
Ehhh I'm kind of torn on this one. I don't love that even this rooibos has a slightly medicinal tinge to it, but it's nowhere near as bad as the red rooibos varieties I've tasted. This is okay. Not great, not terrible; I wouldn't buy it but it wasn't the worst.
May 11th '21
I expected not to enjoy this one at all because I haven't particularly cared for any of the teas that included ginger that the CommuniTEA has sent me so far, but this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. If you like ginger flavor, this is a really lovely tea. The ginger has a fresh sort of flavor and is definitely present. The bitterness of the black tea isn't quite as heavy as it normally is (and I accidentally oversteeped it, to boot) . It's also not quite as astringent as most black teas are, in my experience. Since I'm not a fan of the flavor, it's kind of meh for me, but objectively speaking, this is a pretty lovely tea.
Apr 30th '21
This is incredible. It's a soft, almost mild-flavored black tea that has some pretty complex layering to it. Drinking this as a casual tea-drinker, I might not have noticed the complexities, but because I was tasting it specifically to review it on the CommuniTEA, I paid closer attention. This tea is a little bit earthy, a little bit floral, and a tiny bit fruity, and these flavors don't all hit at once. They mingle together upon sipping and seem to break apart and take turns registering on your tastebuds in the aftertaste. It's actually kind of genius and I think I might be in love... Another one for the wishlist!
Apr 25th '21
I didn't actually know what to expect with this tea because I don't actually know what turmeric tastes like, but this had ginger listed in the ingredients on the CommuniTEA packet so I went in prepared not to like it very much. I was pleasantly surprised! I really love this. I'm not big on spiced teas but this balances really nicely so the spice doesn't punch you in the mouth so much as it tickles your tongue as an afterthought. I genuinely don't know how to describe this except that it reminds me a bit of spiced apple cider? That's as close a description as I can come up with with no frame of reference for turmeric lol.
Apr 20th '21
I feel like I should say straight out of the gate, I do not like chai teas. Ginger in tea is not my thing at all. So I kind of hated this tea, personally. However...when I review a tea for the CommuniTEA, I try to look at it objectively so that someone who DOES like chai (I can't imagine someone who doesn't looking through the reviews for guidance on whether or not to buy this blend) would be able to use my review to help them decide if they should purchase or sample it. That established, I found this to be a pretty bland chai overall. I'm temporarily on a diet that's restrictive enough that I couldn't add the suggested coconut milk or sugar, so I can't say I got the suggested experience out of it; this review is based on drinking it naked. I don't much care for coconut normally, but the coconut flavor in this particular chai complimented it more than overpowered it. I didn't get any of the lemongrass flavor until the aftertaste started to kick in, and at that point, it started to really shine. For me, the ginger kind of overtakes most of the other flavors until you get to the aftertaste or if you let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds to savor it before swallowing your sip. The texture is, in fact, creamy even without adding the suggested coconut milk, which was an interesting experience, admittedly. Tasting the mild flavors while getting that creamy mouthfeel was an unexpected dichotomy that pleasantly surprised me. Finally, I would definitely recommend finishing this while it's hot. I got distracted mid-tasting/reviewing with some urgent work stuff and by the time I got to the latter half of my mug, it had gone to the cooler end of the tepid spectrum...and was NOT pleasant, in my opinion. It felt like it had gone quite flatter and the flavors held off a bit longer before making themselves known, so it was almost like when I first sipped, I was sipping room temperature water that smelled like ginger...and then after I swallowed, my tastebuds went 'OHHHH no, okay, this is tea, got it' as opposed to just tasting it right when I sipped. Objectively speaking, if you like coconut and chai teas, this is a really cool tea and you should definitely give it a go. I'd never drink it again personally, but I'm not the target audience for this particular tea. It's worth a shot if you're a spicy tea fan, for sure, even if coconut isn't necessarily your thing.
Apr 19th '21
So, I was super excited about this one once I opened the CommuniTEA packet because it smelled heavenly. While hot, this one tastes exactly as advertised. As it cooled, though, it started to taste more and more medicinal. If you drink this while it's hot, you'll probably really like it but yikes once it starts to go tepid or cold.
Apr 16th '21
Honestly, this tasted like a watered-down version of every other chai I've ever had and I'm already not a fan of chai teas, so needless to say, I'm not impressed by this one. It's not bad, but it's not good either, in my opinion. Definitely not for me.
Apr 14th '21
I like this floral but I've learned over time that red rooibos is not for me. There's just a little too much of a medicinal flavor in there for my personal taste. I will say that it fades a little as the tea cools, but this one just is not for me.
Apr 13th '21
I honestly didn't expect this to taste like chocolate at all. Usually, a flavored black tea tastes like black tea to me and the flavors aren't strong enough to cut through the astringency of the black tea itself. That's not to say I don't like them, I just never expect them to taste the way they're labeled to taste. Enter chocolate from Adagio, shattering my expectations. The flavor is subtle enough that I don't forget for a second that I'm drinking a flavored black tea, but it's strong enough that it genuinely does taste like chocolate. More specifically, it genuinely tastes like chocolate in that way that something bitter can - a mocha doesn't taste like chocolate but it also totally kinda does. A chocolate-flavored coffee still tastes like coffee but it also kinda does taste like chocolate. This tea is like that - the chocolate is present, but the tea, too, is very present. That's probably an unnecessarily verbose and roundabout way of saying I love this because it tastes like it's supposed to. Well, sorry. I haven't finished the cup yet, so I'm still waking up. Give this a try, if you like chocolate but don't mind the astringency and bitterness of a black tea. If you can't get past the bitterness part, I suggest Adagio's chocolate truffle instead, or a touch of cream and a little bit of your choice of sweetener to this one.
Apr 12th '21
This is delicious! What a pleasant surprise given its a green tea and I generally don't like those because they're usually way too grassy for me. Instead of a mouthful of grass, what I'm tasting in this cup is quite literally what it says on the tin. The creamy lemon flavor is light and fluffy and I'd love to know what it tastes like cooled or iced but I finished it before it had a chance to get cold because I enjoyed it so much so...I have no idea. Definitely loved this one!
Apr 10th '21
I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually really enjoyed this tea! Based on the ingredients listed on the back of the CommuniTEA packet this morning, I genuinely didn't know whether or not I would. There's a nice minty tinge to this which made it taste delicately delicious for me when I imagined it was going to be one of those drink it fast so you don't have to taste it to get the benefits kinds of things. I'm a little nervous about it pun in the name because immediately associate it with 'detox' teas hawked on Instagram that I've never tried but am convinced are designed to just make you live on the toilet while you're being 'detoxed'. Hopefully this tea isn't meant to cause that sort of reaction. In any case, it was so tasty that I finished it before it even got down to room temperature, so I don't know how it would taste cooled down or iced.
Apr 9th '21
You know, I don't normally care for red rooibos teas but I think the lemongrass saves this one. It's surprisingly lemony - I genuinely thought I'd end up with a lemon coughdrop sort of flavor, but all I'm getting is a nice creamy lemon with a hint of vanilla. I kind of love it!
Apr 7th '21
I don't like green teas; they're too grassy for me. That said, in this tea, I can at least also taste the fruity flavor under that grassiness. It's less grassy when it's hot and moreso when it cools down, for me, but if you like pomegranate and you like green teas, this is for you. As someone who likes the former but kind of hates the latter, this one is not for me.
Apr 5th '21
I didn't expect to like this one when I saw the ingredients list on the back of the CommuniTEA packet and I wasn't wrong. I don't like ginger in tea anyway, but mixing it with peach just does not work on my palate. I found it to be especially bitter and dry and the ginger is really the only thing I taste outside they Ceylon itself. The peach is entirely lost for me. Pun intended but uh...yeah, this is not my cup of tea. At all.
Apr 1st '21
I always turn to this one when I have an upset stomach or sore throat or I want to settle down and mellow out at the end of the evening. I also love mixing it with other teas for my fandom blends as well. It's super versatile in that way and it works iced or hot! Very refreshing when iced, comforting, and calming when hot.
Mar 30th '21
First of all, the aroma that came out of the CommuniTEA packet when I opened it was HEAVENLY. I could smell the florals and the fruit and just.../chef's kiss. The best way I can describe it is raspberry-rose. I do not like this tea when it's hot. I think that might be a me thing, but anything with like orange flavor or rose hips in it is never going to taste good hot to me. That said, I let it cool off and the cooler it got, the more the floral flavors stood out for me, though with the tartness of the raspberry was paired with that floral flavor in a really interesting way that I loved. This is one for the wishlist; I'm sure it's incredible brewed cold!
Mar 22nd '21
This blend is okay but I knew by the aroma when I opened the CommuniTEA packet that it wasn't for me. I'm learning that I'm not, not, not a fan of rose hips in a tea. This one is a little less medicinal as it cools but it's a bit too much like cough syrup for my taste personally.
Mar 20th '21
This was such a beautiful aroma when I opened my CommuniTEA packet this morning! I've used this as a base in one of my signature blends, but this is my first time trying it solo. I gotta be honest, I love this! I was worried it would be too weak because most white teas are, for me, but this is just the right kind of delicate and refreshing. Adding it to the wishlist.
Mar 13th '21
I was surprised at the smell of vanilla I got when I opened this morning's CommuniTEA packet and the hint is still there as I sip at my cup of tea. This is a lovely white with a delicate flavor that has a slightly sweet effervescence to it. I bet it's even better cold but I liked this so much that I finished before I could try lol
Mar 12th '21
I'm not a green tea person, normally, because I find that they taste too earthy or grassy for me. This one is one of the handful of exceptions I've tried. When I opened the CommuniTEA packet, I got kind of a soft floral aroma that I enjoyed. I brewed at 175 (my kettle doesn't have a 180 setting and I generally err 5 degrees lower rather than 5 degrees higher in those instances) for 2 and a half minutes. I noticed that the packet was filled entirely with the green leaves. I saw no accents of marigold and there was such a tiny, single sliver (literally sliver) of apple, that it seemed more like a mistake than an intentional addition to the tea. That said, the flavor is pretty mild, but it's not grassy in the least. Also, I love that there are an effervescent texture and a crisp mouthfeel to it. All in all, not something I'd buy, personally, but even as a green tea 'hater,' this was definitely enjoyable. If you like green tea, or really, white tea (as this reminds me much more of a white than a green), this might be right up your alley.
Mar 10th '21
I like this better when it's mixed with other teas because the tartness of the blueberry mixed with the bitterness of a black tea is a little more astringent than I normally like, but since I got this with a sample of lemongrass, I mix them at a 1:1 ratio for a blueberry lemonade sort of tea and it's delicious. On its own, it's okay, but for me personally, I definitely prefer it in a blend of some kind.
Mar 10th '21
These were perfect for organizing my hot mess of a tea shelf in my pantry. Instead of having all the pouches laying around, I just cut the images off the pouches and taped them to the tins so I knew which was which and my pantry looks much nicer. Not to mention, it's a lot easier to find the tea I'm looking for without knocking over a handful of bags and having to fish them back out from between the shelf slats haha. Super convenient, great seal that keeps the tea nice and fresh, and they're kind of adorable. 10/10 would recommend.
Mar 9th '21
I keep seeing reviews stating that it's got these deep fruit notes and I have to confess, I'm not tasting any of that. All I'm getting out of this is an earthy flavor that makes me think of piles of raked leaves. It's not bad, but it's definitely a disappointment when I'd been expecting, between the CommuniTEA description and the reviews, to get hints of fruit as well.
Mar 8th '21
Opening the CommuniTEA packet this morning, I was immediately met with the smell of raspberries and raisins and I knew I was in for a good cup of tea. I don't know anything about currants, but I love this tea. It's not overly sweet or fruity, but you definitely get a raisin-y sort of flavor. I steeped at 212 for 4 minutes and am not experiencing any bitterness that normally comes with a black tea, nor am I getting that dry mouthfeel, so that's especially pleasant. I sipped at this while hot and it's a little more subtle. My cup cooled significantly while I was working, so I continued to sip on it and I noted that the bitterness and dry mouthfeel start to make their appearance when the tea gets tepid, so if that's not your thing, I would drink it hot for sure. I can say that I've never tasted this on its own but have used it in one of my signature blends along with some cream tea and honeybush vanilla and those combined with it really bring out a lovely flavor with a creamy hint, so I definitely recommend blending it with a cream or vanilla to get the most out of it. All that said, it's perfectly delicious on its own, as well.
Mar 3rd '21
Oddly enough, I actually prefer this tea as it cools because that's when I start to get a flavor other than plain black tea. It's a little bit bitter, having followed the instructions on my CommuniTEA packet for brewing at 212°F for 3-5 minutes (I went with 4), but I wonder if it might not be so much so if I'd seen a review written by Irishman suggesting to steep only 2 minutes at that temp. Not bad, but I probably wouldn't buy it on its own. I might use it in more of my signature blends, though, to give them that little malty bump.
Feb 25th '21
Okay, so normally, I wouldn't have bothered brewing a peach-flavored tea hot and I would've just defaulted to doing it cold, but since this is for the CommuniTEA, I wanted to try both ways. That said, I hot brewed it as per the instructions, tasted it, and then continued to sip at it over the next few hours as it cooled. Hot, the flavor is a little mild for me but that's no surprise for a peach tea. It's there, but just so subtle that if I didn't know going into it what flavor it was, I might have had a tough time identifying it. As it cooled, the flavor strengthened and by the time it was completely cold, it was very clearly a peach tea, and tasty at that! It's okay hot, but I'm definitely a bigger fan of it cold. Super good!
Feb 23rd '21
I was sure I wasn't going to like this because all the reviews say it tastes just like banana nut bread which has always been a little too sweet for me, but this is delicious. I don't like banana, but I gotta be honest, this tea is making me want to try banana again to see if my tastebuds have changed or something, because this was really good!
Feb 21st '21
I'm learning that pu erh teas are not for me worth each new CommuniTEA packet containing one. All I really got out of this was spice, no chocolate. The texture is lovely, as usual, but personally that was the only thing I enjoyed about this particular tea. I can say that it didn't have that fishy smell/taste that generally turns me off of this type of tea, so there is that.