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thai tea
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Klaus Hargreeves
Score: 99
by Jen Ferreira
passionfruit, papaya pouchong, kona pineapple
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Number Five
Score: 97
by Jen Ferreira
cream, almond oolong, gunpowder
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Ben Hargreeves
Score: 97
by Jen Ferreira
vanilla, blueberry, berry blues


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Messages for Jen:

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Jan 14th 2021 | Public Msg
Dorothy said:
Thank you Jen...I used some of the filters on the phone and PicsArt to get the 11 year old showed me all these things...I think I am not smarter than a 6th grader!
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Jan 14th 2021 | Public Msg
Roberta said:
Your dog is adorable!
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Jan 17th 2021 | Public Msg
Julie said:
Awesome dog! He even smiled for his photo!
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Jan 17th 2021 | Public Msg
Valerie said:
Aww, thank you for your kind compliment.
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Jan 21st 2021 | Public Msg
Susan said:
So, what did the pup think of the tea today after his "sniff"?

Latest Reviews

Jun 16th '21
I love all of the components of this tea, so I'm not even a little bit surprised that I love the tea itself. I do wish my CommuniTEA packet had included more rose petals given they're in Summer Rose and they were used as an accent, but I can't imagine that I missed too much without the extra petals. This is delicious. I love that I can taste both the Earl Grey and the Summer Rose separately but they still also blend beautifully together to do kind of their own thing as well. This tea is delightful. 10/10 would recommend!
Jun 15th '21
Maybe it's because I didn't steep this at a lower temperature than instructed by the CommuniTEA packet, or maybe it's because I saw maybe one apple piece and zero mango pieces in said packet, but I did not taste any mango in this at all. It wasn't BAD, because I like Ceylon black tea, but it definitely didn't taste like mango to me, like at all. I will say that I liked it better as it cooled.
Jun 9th '21
I was so excited to open this CommuniTEA packet today when I saw the ingredients listed on the back. I knew it would smell heavenly and I was right; it absolutely did. I wish I'd thought to brew it cold instead of hot, but it was just as good hot as it was when it went cold while I was working. This is pretty tart, so if that's not your thing, it might not be for you, but I really loved this! I also loved how it got sweeter as it cooled. 10/10 would recommend!
Jun 8th '21
This was not good. Like, at all. I don't really have strong feelings one way or the other toward citrus flavors or rooibos teas but this was just really disappointing. The smell was strongly citrusy and therefore the practically non-existent flavor was a huge letdown, unfortunately. Admittedly, this did taste better once it went cold, but all in all, this was just super underwhelming, at best. UPDATE 6/8/2021: This is still really underwhelming and so forgettable, in fact, that I didn't even realize I'd already tasted and reviewed this one for the CommuniTEA until I loaded this page up to write my review today. It hasn't changed. If you're here because you're a fan of red rooibos then you're in the right place, but if you're here to try something orange-flavored, your princess is in another castle.
Jun 4th '21
Okay, I LOVE this blend and I really didn't expect to because green tea is not my thing. I really expected the Earl Grey to be overpowered by the signature grassiness or butteriness of green teas, but it absolutely isn't. I love Earl Grey when it's tempered by other elements and this is balanced perfectly, in my opinion. When I first opened my CommuniTEA packet, I wasn't in love with the aroma of the leaves, but once brewed, it's much softer. The earl grey part of this blend is easily the showrunner of it, so if you're not a fan of earl grey, you're probably not going to enjoy this one. I don't taste a whole lot of the fruit or vanilla elements of this blend, but I do love the way they soften the astringency of the earl grey and make for a really enjoyable, super sippable blend. I wanted to see how it would taste as it cooled, so I forced myself to drink it slowly and was pleased to note that at all temperatures, I really, really enjoyed the flavors. All in all, I don't know that I would buy this blend often because I don't generally drink earl greys on a regular basis even though I love them, but I *will* be adding it to my wishlist so I don't forget to buy every now and again when I'm feeling like a good earl grey blend. Kudos to the blender!!
Jun 3rd '21
My CommuniTEA sample didn't contain any cherry pieces (or if it did, they were especially small), so I definitely got the aroma of cherries when I opened the packet and even after it was brewed, but the flavor I got reminded me more of rosewater than cherries. Not bad, but not really what I was expecting based on the name of the tea. I think that's just on the CommuniTEA packet, though.


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