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Score: 99
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caramel, peach, vanilla
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Sufjan Stevens
Score: 99
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earl grey moonlight, lemon soleil, berry blues
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masala chai, blueberry, coconut


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Jun 7th '19
These cups changed the way I drink loose leaf. I can t believe I didn t order one sooner. The infuser is just the right size to let the leaves unfurl completely, resulting in a rich, flavorful tea. I love the included lid/coaster, which fits the strainer perfectly.
Jun 7th '19
I thought the ToasTEA was a game changer... until I met the ActiviTEA. I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to buy one. The instructions said to put the leaves in the infuser and then turn upside-down (which I'm sure works just as well), but I ended up putting the leaves in the body of the bottle and letting it steep, then drinking through the mesh infuser filter. Speaking of the filter, I love how fine the mesh is -- no escaped tea leaves here, even for my finer teas. My only complaint is that it is smaller than I expected, so I would love to see a larger option introduced in the future!