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photo of Lavender Coconut Tea
Lavender Coconut Tea
Score: 90
by Sophia Raft...
rooibos vanilla, honeybush vanilla
photo of Chestnut Praline
Chestnut Praline
Score: 96
by Sophia Raft...
almond, vanilla, chestnut
photo of Nutcracker Tea
Nutcracker Tea
Score: 95
by Sophia Raft...
rooibos caramel, rooibos vanilla, honeybush hazelnut


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Mar 3rd '20
I tried the vanilla chai and the ginger matcha cookies. The vanilla chai tasted like chai spices- not very vanilla-y but definitely chai. I did enjoy the chewy pineapple bits. The matcha ginger cookies tasted like sesame/sesame seed. I couldn't really taste ginger or matcha. I would reorder both though. I wanna try the berry and the rooibos next.
Feb 4th '20
Really... interesting! Not something I would drink regularly, as I prefer my usual matcha brand. But was fun to try all the flavors
Feb 4th '20
Loved this! I had needed a new matcha whisk, and this worked fine :)
Jun 13th '18
Not good. I drink matcha every morning and have tried all sorts of kinds and strains. I make a latte out of matcha- and when I made it out of this it was just awful. This doesn’t taste the same as their regular matcha. I thought it was going to be the regular kind put in little packets but blech it was terrible! Way too seaweed-ish and not at all smooth. Save your money.
Oct 31st '17
I really enjoyed this! although it was kind of annoying that soon as I opened the bag, it spilled all over me. Next time I will get a tin. I made this as a latte with around 6 scoops of matcha powder using a matcha spoon (1/2 tsp each), around 3 tsp of sugar, and around a half cup to a cup of hot water. Then I poured that mixture into a 16 oz mug and topped it off with hot milk and a dollop of agave. It was perfect! But NEEDS sweetener!
Oct 26th '17
Adagio s black tea is very strong, and the chestnut isn t as strong as i d like. I was hoping for it to be a lot more nutty .
Oct 21st '17
The cardamom is very strong here. But the mix of vanilla and coconut is creamy and good. I think I could have skipped the cardamom though
Oct 18th '17
So good! Im pregnant and trying to cut down on caffeine, but I love Adagio's Hazelnut black tea (i feel that the nut flavor is stronger in the black tea than hazelnut rooibos) I still wish the hazelnut flavor was a bit stronger in this blend, but if I add some hazelnut coffee creamer to it its perfect!
Jan 23rd '17
I really enjoyed this tea! You can smell and taste the woody rooibos, but it really compliments the nuttiness. Chestnut is the most prominent flavor for me, followed by hazelnut and caramel. I dont taste the apple or cocoa, which is fine by me. I would order this tea again. Update: I just figured out what this tea smells/tastes like. It tastes like a nutty (hazelnut and chestnut) graham cracker!!! The woody rooibos smells like graham crackers.
Jan 23rd '17
If you like chai, you will enjoy this tea. The ginger is strong and leaves a spicy aftertaste. It is a yummy blend & a good boost of caffeine.
Jan 21st '17
I did enjoy this tea. The smell of the dry leaf is very pleasant, it smells like creme brûlée! The smell of the steeped tea is old cigarette smoke, in my opinion. It was really offputting and I wish they had used a different kind of green tea. I just feel like the gunpowder green tea was unnecessary. They could get their point across with regular green. But I am happy to say that the tea did not taste smokey at all! It tasted like creme brûlée with the faintest hint of apple and green tea. I was glad that the creme brûlée flavor was overpowering, opposed to how some people apparently felt. I just hold my breath when I taste a sip because I'm really not a fan of the smell of gunpowder green tea. I will happily finish my 3oz for sure, but I dont know if ill order it again unless they do a re-blend without the gunpowder.
Jan 21st '17
I unfortunately couldn't taste the coconut in this tea. It tasted more like a lemon poundcake! I was disappointed I wanted this tea to be a creamy coconut tea with a hint of bergamot. They need to re-do this and tone down the bergamot a lot. Its also very pretty in the picture but theres not much coconut slices in the tea itself. Sad I am stuck with 3oz of this because I probably won't drink it again. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't what I had wanted.