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Chestnut Praline
Chestnut Praline
Score: 94
by Sophia Raft...
chestnut, vanilla, almond
Lavender Coconut Tea
Lavender Coconut Tea
Score: 90
by Sophia Raft...
rooibos vanilla, honeybush vanilla
Nutcracker Tea
Nutcracker Tea
Score: 93
by Sophia Raft...
honeybush hazelnut, rooibos vanilla, rooibos caramel


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Latest Reviews

Mar 3rd '20
I tried the vanilla chai and the ginger matcha cookies. The vanilla chai tasted like chai spices- not very vanilla-y but definitely chai. I did enjoy the chewy pineapple bits. The matcha ginger cookies tasted like sesame/sesame seed. I couldn't really taste ginger or matcha. I would reorder both though. I wanna try the berry and the rooibos next.
Feb 20th '20
Really great! Taste like typical chocolate covered pretzels, but with a light matcha twist.
Feb 4th '20
Really... interesting! Not something I would drink regularly, as I prefer my usual matcha brand. But was fun to try all the flavors
Feb 4th '20
Loved this! I had needed a new matcha whisk, and this worked fine :)
Jun 13th '18
Not good. I drink matcha every morning and have tried all sorts of kinds and strains. I make a latte out of matcha- and when I made it out of this it was just awful. This doesn’t taste the same as their regular matcha. I thought it was going to be the regular kind put in little packets but blech it was terrible! Way too seaweed-ish and not at all smooth. Save your money.
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July 15, 2020
Delicious teas, GREAT service. Ships quickly and very well packaged.
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