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photo of pu-erh dante
pu-erh dante
score: 90
20¢ / cup
photo of chocolate truffle
chocolate truffle
score: 95
15¢ / cup
photo of jade oolong
jade oolong
score: 95
22¢ / cup

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photo of Iced Coffee
Iced Coffee
by M&m Mason
rooibos caramel, honeybush vanilla, honeybush hazelnut
photo of Lake Life
Lake Life
by M&m Mason
vanilla oolong, maple creme oolong, berry blast
photo of Island Jam
Island Jam
by M&m Mason
coconut grove pouchong, rooibos vanilla, honeybush chocolate


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Latest Reviews

Feb 1st '23
I was actually able to steep my 1 teaspoon of pearls 3 times. And each time it made my house smell as delightful as the taste I enjoyed.
Dec 26th '22
I was disappointed with this tea. I can't tell you what I would call it, but definitely not Mango. There were multiple flavors present, none of which seemed like mango, and they simply didn't mesh well.
Dec 26th '22
What a delightful blend! And if you're feeling adventurous, instead of Mimosas, surprise your guests with this tea chilled and a splash of Coconut Rum. Yum!
May 5th '22
Wow! It’s a party in your mouth. It took me back to my childhood days of chewing Bubbalicious. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. I tried a sample bag and quickly bought the big bag. This is a tea you can’t go wrong sharing with others.
Apr 22nd '22
For those coffee drinkers who say they can’t get into tea, this is the tea to widen their mind and palate. Or if you’re looking for a coffee replacement, this is the tea for the task! It smells heavenly. Tastes great. Finishes nicely. Packs a punch. Top it off with a splash of milk or cream. No sweetener needed.
Apr 22nd '22
Aptly named, this tea is a dream. I felt like it took me back to Thailand. Smoky meets the subtle delicacy of peaches. This is a tea I will make sure I don’t run out of.
Apr 21st '22
Two flavor combinations I never saw going together until I tried the sample. They compliment each other perfectly. An equal mix of both teas so neither overpowers the other. Add a touch of honey and you’ve got a good tea for a good book.
Apr 17th '22
Something is a little off with this tea. The cherry comes through nicely. I believe it must be the almond flavoring. It takes over the tea. I did like it better cold than warm.
Jul 1st '21
Everything about this tea is beautiful. From the smell to the taste to the finish.