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photo of Rosa
Score: 99
by Elizabeth D...
pu-erh spice, vanilla, summer rose
photo of Jake
Score: 99
by Elizabeth D...
cream, blood orange, rooibos lemon cloud
photo of Amy
Score: 90
by Elizabeth D...
ceylon sonata, white tangerine, citron green


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Latest Reviews

Jul 16th '20
The pineapple and coconut flavors of this tea are beautiful! Unfortunately, they share equal prominence with the hibiscus. It adds a layer of disembodied tartness which doesn't complement the other flavors well.
Jul 3rd '20
smooth and sweet! the flavors play nicely together and none of them overwhelms the others. very relaxing (2 mins @ 212°F)
Jul 3rd '20
this tea gets some leeway because it's supposed to be bad but actually it isn't bad. it's best fresh and hot. then, the fruit flavors are strongest, but they're balanced well with the dry bergamot and heavy black tea. you get more of the bergamot flavors when it cools down, which personally i don't care for much, but it isn't disagreeable. the peppercorns give it a little zing, which is nice, actually. four stars for flavor. an extra star because it goes above and beyond the call of duty. (>10 mins @ 212°F)
Aug 2nd '17
Tastes like the icing you lick off your fingers after eating a cinnamon roll
Jul 31st '17
Like a really nice potpourri made into a drink. The spice and rose flavors play well together - it's a little delicate and has a little bit of a kick, and vanilla has some magical ability to round out everything perfectly.
Jul 30th '17
Smells and tastes like fruit pies and chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls put together, but the smooth, mellow chocolate keeps all the flavors from becoming too overwhelming. A nice treat.