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photo of pu-erh poe
pu-erh poe
score: 90
40¢ / cup
photo of brigadoon breakfast
brigadoon breakfast
available Feb 2024
photo of tiger eye
tiger eye
score: 94
15¢ / cup

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photo of Asexual
Score: 99
by Amelia Dogw...
earl grey lavender, cream
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pu-erh hazelberry, blueberry, berry blast
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mango, hibiscus


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Latest Reviews

Dec 18th '18
Delightful :) perfect for drinking whale baking Christmas cookies, which is what I did this afternoon.
Oct 30th '18
When I opened up the bot the first thing my brother said was 'it smells like fall!' This is a lovely, cozy tea to drink on a fall morning in your hoodie and fuzzy socks.
Oct 30th '18
Not my fave. It's good iced (kinds like lemonade that way) but hot it's overpowering. Also made my ToasTEA mug smell like it for a long time. I had to wash it out with vinegar twice to get it out and I haven't had to do that with any other tea.
Oct 30th '18
I don't yet know how well it works for the 'skinny' part but it tastes wonderful and gives me energy in the morning.
Oct 2nd '18
Good in blends but not my favorite on it's own to be honest. Not bad but not the first thing I reach for ether. Best iced though I think
Oct 2nd '18
My favorite is vanilla stevia and almond milk and it makes it taste like birthday cake!
Jun 29th '18
My favorite morning cup! Perfect for recovering coffee addicts it's like a hazelnut mocha super comforting to wake up to.
Jun 9th '18
Excellent! My new favorite ice tea! A little spicy and very pretty
May 26th '18
This is my new favorite earl gray flavor! It is super cozy and perfect for rainy spring days.
May 24th '18
nice. not my favorite hot but it's really good iced.
May 23rd '18
I've only bought the Alice in Wonderland so far but it is wonderful <3 it's like berries and cream and nice at the end of the day with a good book even if you're not a kid but my younger sibling did enjoy it as well.
May 23rd '18
very nice mild flavor and very smooth! It's been years since I've had oolong but it did not disappoint! And the hint of cinnamon is also nice so it smells like french toast :)
May 17th '18
Lovely! Very smooth and jasminey. I LOVE jasmine tea but I often over steep and it gets too bitter but the rooibos doen't have that problem! One of my new favorite evening cups.
May 15th '18
My mom loves it! I haven't personally tried bushel and a peck but it smells good and a tisket a tasket tastes like lemon merang pie! And the mug as always works well and my mom loves having her own.
May 7th '18
My new favorite earl gray tea <3 the coconut is perfect! And it's a nice alternative to my slandered lavender earl gray.
May 6th '18
My favorite kind of Mate to date! Got the earthyness without being grassy and it has a nice smoky note to boot.
May 6th '18
Not my favorite of the mates but very good all the same. I kinda wish it was a little less citressy but if that's what you're looking for it dose it very well.
May 6th '18
Haven't tried it hot yet but I've already had two glasses iced and it was wonderful! Didn't need any sweetener and was nice and summery feeling. Very good with the tacos we had for diner lol. I also suggest adding ether a squeeze of lime or a sprig of fresh mint. I love real watermelon with mint and the tea was awesome with it as well.
May 2nd '18
Not my favorite tea out there but very good and will buy again. It went very well with our spicy Thai dinner and tomorrow I'm trying it iced!
May 2nd '18
This is wonderful! I've been wanting a butterscotch tea since I first discovered Adagio two years ago and let me tell you it was worth the wait! Definitely on my top three favorites right now. It makes me so happy <3
Apr 10th '18
Not much flavor in this one but it's good with a little creamer. I like the matcha on this site but I don't think I'll be coming back to this flavor but it also won't go to waist it's just okay and not really what I was hoping for.
Apr 10th '18
So pretty! And it tastes good too :) I would prefer with whole dried blueberries not just the flavor but over all very good and I will be coming back for more in 2020!
Apr 10th '18
I like the size and shape of the mug and I like the ceramic versions but this also feels really light and I would like it to feel a little stronger. Also it's a little annoying with the infuser being solid at the bottom so it's harder to drain when you take it out but over all I do like this style of mug and it's fun to see my blue moon tea steeping :)