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photo of formosa oolong
formosa oolong
score: 93
17¢ / cup
photo of milk oolong
milk oolong
score: 94
50¢ / cup
photo of Arwen
by Chana Cladman
earl grey moonlight, summer rose, autumn mist green

Signature Blends

photo of Gabriel
Score: 99
by Chana Cladman
dewy cherry, rooibos almond, rooibos earl grey
photo of Zerbinetta
by Chana Cladman
earl grey moonlight, vanilla, fiery cinnamon spice
photo of Andromeda
by Chana Cladman
rooibos cinnamon apple, honeybush vanilla, decaf spice


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Latest Reviews

Nov 28th '22
super convenient and easy to use and fairly sturdy, I've never had them rip a spill the leaves while brewing They last a long time for me because my usual teapot has a built in strainer so I most use these for individual cups (if I only want 1 cup of something (rare)) or on our larger teapot.
Feb 17th '21
I really loved the teas I got, but my schedule means I cannot keep up with the teas and writing reviews. Still, a lot of fun and delicious options.
Feb 17th '21
I really enjoyed brewing this tea. The experience started just smelling it in the bag, it was just so crisp and refreshing.