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photo of scottish breakfast
scottish breakfast
score: 96
15¢ / cup
photo of tiger eye
tiger eye
score: 94
15¢ / cup
photo of masala chai
masala chai
score: 95
17¢ / cup

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photo of Moon Sugar
Moon Sugar
Score: 95
by Beth W
cream, lemongrass, rooibos vanilla
photo of Rocinante
by Beth W
cinnamon, chocolate chip, tiger eye
photo of Orsimer
Score: 99
by Beth W
vanilla oolong, mocha nut mate, honeybush chocolate


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Jul 31st 2020 | Public Msg
Robert said:
Love your blends, How do you get that Roci crew badge?

Latest Reviews

Feb 1st '20
This one is pretty good- very strongly scented of cinnamon (more like Red Hots than ground cinnamon spice), but the taste is mellow with some notes of apple (and the usual rooibos honey-ish flavor). It's nicely warming without being overwhelming.
Jan 31st '20
I'm a big fan of ginger, and regularly eat ginger chews/candied ginger, so I was really hoping this would be a big shot of ginger in my face and IT IS. It's definitely sweet ginger, in scent and flavor, but it's spicy enough to tingle and it's very warming. This is one of my new fav teas.
Jan 30th '20
This has a strong bouquet before steeping, and a surprisingly soft flavor for how amazing it smells. I mostly taste chestnuts, or maybe almonds- soft tanins and earthy tastes, though the palette is totally rooibos.
Jan 30th '20
This one is a soft fruit medley. I primarily taste apple with a miniscule bit of tartness at the end (cherry, maybe?). It's not my favorite fruit tea, given its subtlety, but it's OK.
Dec 24th '19
Wow, does this smell like butterscotch! In the bag and while it's steeping, it has that rich, buttery, sweet smell. The taste is much more mild than the scent, though still smooth. There's no acidity or bite in the flavor- it's a very smooth tea. I recommend adding a splash of oat milk for more body.
Nov 28th '19
I wish this tea had a stronger flavor. I mainly get the hazelnut, but it's subtle. I got one whiff of the cinnamon, but though I keep huffing and drinking this tea, I haven't gotten another smell of it, nor a taste of it. To me, this tea is just very subtle and sort of bland.
Feb 12th '17
For whatever reason, I don't really taste the chocolate here. The chai, absolutely- bright cinnamon, tongue-numbing clove (although it's not listed- but I've never had ginger numb my tongue before...hrmmm), it's all there. But even with a splash of cream, I'm not tasting cocoa, or not enough to get it past the other spices. Considering everyone else's review, maybe they changed the batch?
Dec 27th '16
It smells exactly like a chocolate orange, but the taste was a bit too malty for me. I'm normally a fan of pu erh, but something about this one clings to my tongue. Adding a dollop of vanilla almond milk helped boost the sweetness.
Nov 15th '16
I suspect it will be better iced than hot. It smells like a Starburst, has a lovely dark purple hue, and tastes very forward on the rose hips, with a mellow cranblueberry finish. Not bad, as berry fruit teas go.
Nov 3rd '16
The aroma of this tea is simply awful to my nose- a very artificial, fake-vanilla, chemical scent like some bad candles have. But after brewing it and adding a dollop of cream, I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. It's very mellow (not at all strong), and hazelnut-forward. If you're used to your hazelnut flavoring coming in a latte, this will be different than expected. But if you like roasted nut flavors, you'll enjoy this. It's a great after-dinner tea for mellowing out.