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velociTEA tea maker
velociTEA tea maker
Rating: 96
only $119
One More Sleep
One More Sleep
Score: 96
by Bran Mydwyn...
rooibos vanilla chai, decaf orange, honeybush orange
Caramel Sundae
Caramel Sundae
Score: 99
by Keith C.
rooibos caramel, rooibos vanilla, cream

Signature Blends

Winter Warmth
Winter Warmth
by Kelly Kendall
orange, lemon soleil, fiery cinnamon spice
Chocolate Orange Candy
Chocolate Orange Candy
by Kelly Kendall
rooibos orange, vanilla, chocolate
Caramel Apple Delight
Caramel Apple Delight
by Kelly Kendall
caramel, vanilla, candy apple


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Messages for Kelly:

Aug 3rd 2016 | Public Msg
Keith said:
Thank you for reviewing my Caramel Sundae tea blend. I'm glad that you like it. Enjoy your summer!

Latest Reviews

Jan 16th '20
A nice tea, but has not been memorable for me. I have just bought a sample not realizing I already have it.
Jan 16th '20
I don't want to say anything bad about a tea because it is a matter of taste, but this tea is awful. It smells like a brush fire and tastes like the it was the ash brewed. I can safely say that this is NOT my cuppa tea.
Jan 15th '20
I am not to sure about this tea. I do not hate it, but I am not sure if unlike it. I am going to try it in different ways then I will update this review.
Jan 15th '20
I don't think I brewed this tea right. It was very bitter. Not bitter tea, but that bitter orange that one gets from the rind. It smells delicious and I am going to give it another try.
Jan 15th '20
It's fine. Not a bad cuppa, but not my favorite.
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