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photo of earl grey bella luna
earl grey bella luna
Rating: 96
15¢ / cup

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photo of Lynch Court Blend
Lynch Court Blend
Score: 99
by Kerry McGee
cream, earl grey green, lavender lemon
photo of Baker Street Blend
Baker Street Blend
by Kerry McGee
irish breakfast, white chai, chestnut


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Latest Reviews

Nov 16th '20
Light and fruity, this was an enjoyable cup of tea.
Jan 14th '19
the flavor is light and relaxing. I liked it, but wasn't in love with it. I am a huge fan of the lavender earl grey, and compared to that, the lavender doesn't shine as much in this tea.
Jan 14th '19
I recently took a break from coffee, and this tea got me through it. The caffeine levels kept me awake and alert without the coffee jitters, and the flavor is layered and complex. The cocoa nibs add a depth of flavor I really like.
Jan 14th '19
I'm not normally a big fan of flavored teas, but this one is the exception. The banana nut bread flavor is so warm and comforting. I look forward to pouring myself a cup of this to wind down.