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photo of pu-erh poe
pu-erh poe
score: 90
40¢ / cup
photo of pu-erh chorange
pu-erh chorange
17¢ / cup
photo of tiger eye
tiger eye
score: 94
15¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Picard's Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.
Picard's Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.
Score: 93
by Annie
earl grey moonlight, summer rose
photo of Bashir's Tarkalean Tea
Bashir's Tarkalean Tea
Score: 90
by Annie
blood orange, turmeric bliss
photo of Garak's Red Leaf Tea
Garak's Red Leaf Tea
Score: 92
by Annie
rooibos vanilla chai, blood orange, rooibos cinnamon apple


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Messages for Annie:

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Jun 16th 2021 | Public Msg
Tammy said:
Your Picard blend was so much fun to sample today! Thank you for allowing Adagio to share it with the CommuniTEA today!
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Nov 17th 2021 | Public Msg
Laura said:
Absolutely love your Trek blends. My dad does too. He says that he wishes you had a Worf or a Q blend, though! If you ever make ‘em, we’ll buy ‘em XD
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Nov 18th 2021 | Public Msg
Laura said:
We do like pu-erh! As for Q, hmmm... I think that Q would either drink something incredibly indulgent, or he'd try to copy Picard but add his own twist of something a little strange.
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Dec 3rd 2021 | Public Msg
Deborah said:
Sipping a cup of Picard’s Tea. Earl Gray. Hot. first tried with the Communitea. Finally made it on my last order. Thank you for the delicious blend.

Latest Reviews

Jul 2nd '21
Fantastic! I initially ordered just one to try it out: well made, looks positively classy, forms a great seal, easy to open and close... I ordered three more, and look forward to adding some of the smaller size to my collection just as soon as they are back in stock! Edit: Won't be finishing my collection after all. The price for one jar has just gone from $9 to $14, and the 55% price jump means the large set I wanted to purchase has gone from 'bit of a splurge' to 'unjustifiable expense.'
Jun 25th '21
Really nice! I m a recent convert to Pu-erh. The chocolate-orange combo is lovely here, and makes the pu-erh taste positively indulgent. These flavors did fade considerably on second and third steepings.
Apr 17th '21
Love it! They re not kidding with the name of this one: it really is a bold, sour flavor, but I love that about it. It makes my cup of tea feel so indulgent, like eating candy!
Apr 17th '21
Just what it says on the tin. What s not to love? This has become one of my favorites for blending with other teas, to get that hint of chocolatey sweetness.
Apr 17th '21
Like other reviewers, I was disappointed by how little passion fruit flavor comes through in this. I get a hint of fruitiness, but much more of the cinnamon, which I could really do without. Not a bad tea - but not what I d have hoped from a tea with 'passionfruit' in the name.
Apr 17th '21
Exactly as I expected: lots of lovely, fresh spearmint flavor. A great change of pace from regular peppermint tea!
Feb 11th '21
Lovely sampler. I purchased this as part of a gift, and the recipient thoroughly enjoyed trying such a tasty variety!
Feb 11th '21
Bought this for a family member who's addicted to Adagio's Irish Breakfast, but wanted something for evenings. It's scratching that itch well! Just re-ordered.
Jan 31st '21
I never knew what I was missing with ordinary, by-the-teabag chamomile. This whole-flower chamomile is so much more flavorful, an gorgeous to boot. I will absolutely be ordering the full size bag next time.
Jan 26th '21
A new addition to my 'favorites' list :) Glad the rose flavor really comes through! So far I've been drinking it hot, but looking forward to trying it iced in warmer weather.
Jan 26th '21
Perfect solution for evening Earl Grey cravings. I've been going though my bag quickly - time to reorder soon!
Jan 26th '21
Purchased as a gift. The recipient said it has worked great, and has added a fun twist to tea time!
Jul 6th '20
I love this! It was a last minute add-on, when I spotted the 'bones' pattern. (The skulls design is surprisingly pretty!) The mug has great weight, perfect size, wonderful little infuser, and the lid does a lovely job keeping heat in while it steeps. Beautifully made, and a lot of fun to use.
Jul 6th '20
Lovely flavor! Subtle, just sweet enough... And a whole lot of fun.
Jun 30th '20
A nice enough tea, which I'm sure many will love. For me, it was simultaneously too little pineapple (flavor) and too much (scent): perhaps I got a bad sample, but the pineapple-ish scent was actually kind of unpleasant, almost like it had gone off.
Jun 30th '20
Very nice! Summery, bright herbal tea. If anything, I wish had had even stronger lime flavor.
Jun 12th '20
A new favorite! I've only tried it hot so far, but looking forward to trying it iced as the weather warms. Wonderfully bright orange flavor, with lots of depth. I'll definitely be buying a larger bag! Update: I DID buy the big bag, and am now loving my iced Blood Orange as the perfect refresher on hot days. Perfect.
Jun 12th '20
Just what it says on the tin: a pleasant, slightly tangy, slightly creamy berry-flavored tea. Ultimately there was something in the blend that didn't 100% work for me, possibly the hibiscus? But I did still enjoy it. I saw another reviewer's suggestion to blend this one with lemonade, which I think would be brilliant, but alas, my sample was already gone. (This one picks up an extra star from me for being such a _beautiful_ blend! The flavor may not have been my absolute favorite, but just seeing the lovely colors of the petals and berries in my infuser never failed to bring a smile.)