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photo of english breakfast
english breakfast
20¢ / cup
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irish breakfast
15¢ / cup
photo of earl grey moonlight
earl grey moonlight
15¢ / cup

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photo of Aziraphale's Cocoa
Aziraphale's Cocoa
Score: 98
by Courtney Bl...
chocolate, chocolate chip, rooibos vanilla
photo of Chocolate Cream Eggs
Chocolate Cream Eggs
Score: 99
by Courtney Bl...
pu-erh chorange, cream, chocolate chip
photo of Sometimes You Don't!
Sometimes You Don't!
Score: 99
by Courtney Bl...
coconut, chocolate chip


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Jan 30th 2021 | Public Msg
Melissa said:
Your Steven blend was my absolute favorite tea I've ever had. I regret not getting more than a 3oz bag. I hope some day you can re-post it! thank you for all you do!

Latest Reviews

Jan 25th '21
I love this tea! I make up a double strength batch (2x the tea at the same amount of water) so I can make 1/2 tea, 1/2 almond milk lattes without diluting the tea flavor. Delicious!
Sep 3rd '20
It s much better than I thought it would be. I kinda miss the taste of the matcha, though. But definitely worth the try.
Sep 3rd '20
Delicious. It s like peach candy without the sugar!
Mar 30th '20
This tea is wonderful! Just the right amount of mango in a delicious iced green!
Mar 22nd '20
This is a delicious tea! Just the right amount of mango and not too sweet. I feel like I could add some sweetener and not overdo it, if I felt the need for more.
Apr 15th '19
This is perfect. I love the perfect blend of green tea, mint, and citrus. This is one of those perfect blends. Being able to cold-brew it overnight just makes it even better!
Apr 11th '19
This stuff is so delicious! I love citron green tea hot, so I had a feeling I would like it iced, but this is even better than I thought it would be. Also, the fact that I can put it in the fridge overnight to brew adds to the amazingness of the tea.
Mar 21st '19
It smells delicious just in the bag! I made it with just a little milk and its great! No sweetener needed, perfect blend of sweet, spice, and apple!
Dec 1st '18
This stuff is amazing! I cold brew it at least once a day. I use .5 tsp per 8oz in a Mason jar, fill it halfway with water, put on the lid and shake it like crazy. Then I fill it the rest of the way and enjoy some beautifully blended matcha!
Dec 1st '18
These are so handy. I took the box to work and left it there so I could make myself up a bottle of matcha whenever I needed to.
May 5th '18
I am hooked on a refrigerated raspberry tea at the grocery store. After reading the reviews, I thought this might be a good replacement for it. Definitely. It tastes delicious hot with just a few amber sugar crystals. I m looking forward to making a batch up and drinking it iced!
Mar 21st '18
I get more bags per buck than going down to the grocery store. And they don t affect the tea at all! Love them! I ve got a box at home and a box at the office.
Dec 20th '17
These are delicious. They add just enough to bring out the natural sweetness of a blend.
Dec 2nd '17
I am so happy to finally have a way to add (more) cinnamon to my teas! It s so easy to measure and add it to anything I want to. It s awesome!
Nov 12th '17
On every level is like a Red Hot or a Fireball, but without the sugar! Perfect!
Sep 17th '17
This is an interesting take on Earl Grey. I can definitely taste the cream and lavender, and they add an interesting level to the mix. It's definitely one I will keep around, but it may be used more sparingly than Bravo or Moonlight. ETA: This has become my most frequently used Earl Grey. Just the right amount of milk and sugar gives me a better version of Starbuck's London Fog Latte. This stuff is addicting!
May 27th '17
These cookies are little bits of amazing! I ve only tried the Honey Rooibos and the Matcha Ginger, but they are both delicious. They re a great blend of the tea and the accent! I m looking forward to having some with a mug of tea.
May 26th '17
A delicious, sweet, creamy cup of tea. It s great on it s own or combined with a number of other teas. Something that should be a staple of any tea cupboard!
Mar 28th '17
So tasty! I love jasmine green teas, and this is no different, aside from being rooibos. This is definitely going to be a staple in my cupboard.
Mar 9th '17
I bought this to store my amber sugar crystals. It holds all 9oz with no problem. And it displays them beautifully.
Mar 9th '17
I have recently fallen in love with Earl Grey Lavender, which resulted in buying the tin! I use a few large amber sugar crystals and some milk to make my own London Fog Latte. It tastes better than Starbucks and is so much cheaper! Loving it!