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photo of berry blast iced tea
berry blast iced tea
24¢ / cup

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Willow the Fairy
Score: 99
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chocolate, berry blast
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Kira Lokisdottir
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earl grey lavender, raspberry patch, lavender lemon
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Danielle Agreste
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chocolate chai, masala chai, peppermint


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Latest Reviews

Sep 6th '22
Eternally obsessed with this tea. Hot or cold it always makes me smile.
Jun 22nd '20
Most of them are okay, but the anise and licorice in the throat soother tea were so strong they overwhelmed everything else.
May 24th '20
I'm always here for berry teas; pretty sure this was made just for me, haha.
May 24th '20
Not my speed, I suppose, and far too strong. Not to mention the matcha didn't break up very well.
May 24th '20
Got two lemon meringues an no berry creme compote, but the ones I did receive were good.
May 24th '20
Good taste, very smooth and perfect for drifting off to sleep. This works better than any sleepy time tea I've tried.
Feb 21st '20
Made this overnight and took it to work the next day. Within two hours of waking up, I'd finished the quart!