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earl grey bravo
earl grey bravo
Rating: 95
12¢ / cup
personaliTEA teapot (sky)
personaliTEA teapot (sky)
Rating: 97
only $14
rock sugar crystals
rock sugar crystals
only $3


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Latest Reviews

Mar 14th '18
I love this tea. It has a good bit of caffeine to help wake you up in the morning, but not too much so you feel zingy. It has a great flavor...strong tea, but not bitter. I've been drinking this tea for almost three years now and I still drink it at least once a day. This is definitely one of my favorite teas! I also mix it with the Masala Chai tea sometimes and add some almond milk for a little latte. Wonderful iced or hot! (4 mins @ 212°F)
Mar 14th '18
This is truly my favorite tea. I add a little almond milk and some amber crystals and I drink this in the morning and sometimes the afternoon. Like others, I think it would be better with just a little extra cinnamon, but I like it as is as well! So yummy!
Mar 14th '18
These are lovely! They add the perfect amount of sweetness to the tea without being overpowering. My kids love to eat these as a little treat. So yummy!
Mar 14th '18
AMAZING! This thing has changed the way I drink tea...It is so simple and the tea is very clean and crisp. I love this thing!
May 26th '16
I have not actually had a cup of just peppermint tea. I have added peppermint to other tea combinations, and it is always a light and refreshing flavor addition!
May 26th '16
It tasted like perfume or potpourri, not tea. I did not like this tea at all.
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