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photo of milk oolong
milk oolong
score: 94
50¢ / cup
photo of golden flower
golden flower
score: 95
15¢ / cup
photo of buddha's dream
buddha's dream
score: 96
24¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of The Will of Gan
The Will of Gan
Score: 99
by Tiger Lily
earl grey moonlight, vanilla, chamomile
photo of The Gunslinger
The Gunslinger
Score: 99
by Tiger Lily
lapsang souchong, pu-erh dante, gunpowder
photo of The Gilly
The Gilly
Score: 94
by Tiger Lily
white pear, white monkey, lemongrass


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Messages for Tiger:

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Sep 1st 2020 | Public Msg
Dorothy said:
Loving your picture today!
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Sep 1st 2020 | Public Msg
Outstanding set-up today! Hilarious!
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Sep 1st 2020 | Public Msg
Valerie said:
Love your story photos today - with the murder and then the revenge. You two crack me up!
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Sep 9th 2020 | Public Msg
Valerie said:
I am amazed how quickly you get your photos posted on CommuniTea! Today's photos with the berries is PERFECT! I also really enjoyed your spiked fruit (apple with nails) yesterday for the Spikefruit Tea. Very clever!

Latest Reviews

Oct 18th '20
What a perfect tea for the change of season! Absolutely loved it and will be ordering more!
Oct 8th '20
One of my favorite green teas, I try to always keep a stash around because it's so delicious and unique!
Oct 7th '20
Yum yum yummy! So refreshing and the perfect cool down to a nice productive day!
Oct 5th '20
I loved this one! I love most all smoky teas, and the fact that it's herbal is just that much more fun!
Oct 3rd '20
Had a bad experience with marzipan and now I can't stomach almond. But the oolong was delicious, and the almond flavor was subtle enough that it was drinkable. Definitely a good tea if you like almond, I'm sure!
Oct 2nd '20
Love me some pumpkin spice! Wish there was more pumpkin flavor, but still delicious!
Aug 21st '20
I love kukicha in general, and this is such a smooth and sweet cup! Might order a bit more to treat myself every now and then.
Mar 7th '20
This one was gorgeous. The warm vanilla flavor made this tea taste like a sugar cookie! I loved it!
Mar 6th '20
This is a deliciously solid black tea. Doesn t have much extra flavoring in it, but it is enjoyable nonetheless. A good black tea to add cream to in the morning, or have after lunch with some honey. The Keemum gives it some extra tang as well. Haven t tried it iced with sugar, but I imagine it would be delicious! Gonna skrimp and save this one so it will last me four years!
Mar 4th '20
This is the tea equivalent of Big Red gum. Every sip was the exact cinnamon-y sweetness and spicy flavor that is the gum. It was so good! And it really wasn t that spicy as far as burning goes, which was nice because it still had the good flavor. I recommend!
Mar 2nd '20
Of course this one was phenomenal. I hate that I didn t order more! The first cup I forgot about and steeped for more than 10 minutes, so it was WAY too strong. The second one I stared at the cup for two and a half minutes before taking the steeper out, and it was gorgeous! Strong flavors that carried over from the scent of the leaves, which is always a plus in my opinion. It kind of reminds me of the summer afternoon walks I used to have with my cousins in the woods behind my grandma's house, as it bears a strong resemblance to honeysuckle.
Mar 2nd '20
This is a unique but delicious oolong that I was not expecting. While the color indicates a more oxidized oolong, and the temperature suggestion indicates a less oxidized oolong, this kind of meets in the middle with a savory and deep green flavor. Amber in flavor, it is absolutely delicious and didn t creep towards the black tea category. It was just a very well-rounded and rich oolong, with very little black or green flavors.
Mar 1st '20
Wooh! This is suh-mokey. It s like someone liquified a campfire. Definitely needs something to calm down the smell and the taste. I didn t have access to any creamer, but it might have made it a lot more palatable. Actually, a few marshmallows added to it might make it taste just like camping! Update: I added a little bit of it to another tea, and it was actually a very nice addition! Certainly toned down the overwhelming smokiness but still added a bit of a kick. This is definitely a tea for adding to other teas.
Mar 1st '20
Who DOESN T like chocolate and orange?! If you don t, chances are you will NOT like this tea. If you do, however, this is perfect! The earthiness of the pu-erh really brings out the richness of the chocolate and the tanginess of the orange. Perfect if you re feeling a bit feisty!
Mar 1st '20
This one was.....alright. I can kind of see why it is getting discontinued. The coconut didn t really blend very well with the earthiness of the pu-erh. It was drinkable, but definitely not a go-to for me.
Mar 1st '20
This was pleasantly refreshing! The strawberry balances out the earthiness of the the pu-erh, and the hazelnut really just ties it all together to make this tea a perfect treat! loved it!
Feb 27th '20
This tea is so nice! I have never had hojicha before, but it s actually already near the top of my list. It has a surprising amount of sweetness and nuttiness to it, toasted to perfection and smooth as heck. I definitely recommend it if you are a fan of delicious flavor.
Feb 25th '20
This one was....pretty good. I really liked the peach flavoring, but I felt like it overpowered the tea quite a bit, to the point that I really couldn t taste anything but peach. It may have been how I brewed it. However, it was still enjoyable and definitely good enough to be ordered again at some point.
Feb 24th '20
WOAH. Just......WOAH. I honestly don t know what I was expecting, but this was not it. And I mean that in a good way! The smell of the leaves before and during brewing was so pungent that I wasn t sure I was going to like this one at all. It has a raw scent to it, like prunes or uncooked tobacco that I could smell across the room for a while after I opened it. But, it wasn t unpleasant to say the least. And the tea itself, echoed that aroma and only dialed it back a peg or two. Having said that, it is absolutely DELICIOUS. I m not the kind of person that reaches for a plain black tea on a regular basis, but my goodness, I had to triple check that there was no added flavoring. It is absolutely delectable. Sweet and fruity and smooth and rich, with practically zero astringency. However, I must be crazy, because I don t taste the smokiness at all. Maybe it s because of how strong the other flavors are, but I am usually pretty sensitive to that. All in all, this is wonderful and it might just be my go-to tea in the mornings from here on out. Definitely one of my all-time favorites from this site.
Feb 24th '20
Oh I really liked this one a lot! It had just enough spice to make it interesting without overpowering it. Also, I am usually not a HUGE fan of super grassy green teas, and I was afraid with would be one of those, but acutally, I think it behaved more like a white tea than a green tea. A lot of the flavor from the tea itself was at the tail end of the sip, and it was rather subtle to begin with. Still, it was very nice and I rather enjoyed it!
Feb 24th '20
I thought that this one had much more of a flavor to it than Yerba Mate. Still not very strong, but the richness made up for that. It almost tasted a bit like coffee (I hate coffee), but not in a terrible way. Still not sure if I am brewing it correctly, since it is leaning more on the bland side.
Feb 24th '20
I was very excited to try Yerba Mate for the first time, and I was a little underwhelmed. It didn t really see to have too much of a taste. I brewed it for the recommended time and temperature, and it just seemed a bit like very weak green tea. It wasn t bad, don t get me wrong, but I just thought it was going to be much more of an experience.
Feb 23rd '20
This one was strange for me. I didn t really get a lot of pu-erh signature taste, but I still really liked it! It didn t have any cloves, which I was actually grateful for, and the licorice-like flavor of the aniseed wasn t overpowering and mixed well with the cinnamon and orange. Definitely sweet and not stringent in the slightest.
Feb 21st '20
I am a huge fan of Pu-Erh, but I do understand it is a very polarizing tea. It has a very distinct flavor and aroma, and I know it is not for everyone. However, if you have never tried it, or think the other Pu-Erh varieties are a bit strong, this is a good introductory one. The flavors and even the aromas are not as bold as Pu-Erh Dante, so it is a safe way to jump into such a unique tea niche. Still very good and will be my go-to when I want to enjoy Pu-Erh without something super strong. This tea kind of smells like a clean barn, but is subdued (like a clean barn in winter). It has a distinct hay aroma, but a lot of people also think it smells like dirt. The taste is a very dark and almost mulchy taste, but in an appetizing way. Also, this tea does not get bitter, like other black teas. You can steep it for 30 minutes and it will still be very drinkable.
Feb 20th '20
Honestly amazing. Definitely drinking it tonight during the snowstorm. Add a little bit of scotch and it is heaven! The cinnamon is perfectly balanced by the orange and cranberry. I imagine this might be good as an iced tea.
Feb 20th '20
I absolutely loved the fruity tang of the blueberries and the citrusy oomph from the lemongrass. It was honestly one of my favorite decaf teas I have had. Always a go to as a pick-me-up in the afternoon that doesn t keep me up too late!
Feb 20th '20
So I really really thought I was going to love this. And it wasn t terrible. But the spice overtook the tea and the tea itself was a little more bitter than I like. I don t think it s bad tea but just a preference. If you like super spicey and clovey, I recommend it.
Feb 20th '20
I really like this one. It has a bit of a sweet taste. Reminds me of sweet iced tea, even without adding any sugar or honey. Obviously not as sweet, but definitely pretty close. It also kind of feels like it has some fruity notes. It also doesn t have much bitterness if brewed under 5 mins.
Feb 19th '20
This remains me of the plains of Africa, and it s definitely a semi-spicy herb that goes great with a savory desert or snack in the evening. I really enjoy it!
Feb 19th '20
Unlike a lot of people, I actually really really really like pu-erh teas. The lack of bitterness and the deep earthy tones are amazing for this tea. I haven t tried many of the other versions of this tea on this site, but they have a lot to live up to for me!
Feb 19th '20
Probably my favorite oolong from this site. It is so buttery and deep and complex, and it holds up very well to resteeping multiple times. I do suggest using a container large enough to allow the rolled bits to unfold and expand to get the best out of it.
Feb 19th '20
My favorite! It is so subtle at first, but the more you drink, the more the delicate flavors emerge and hug your taste buds! It is a fragile but gorgeous tea, especially if you like subtlety at first.
Feb 19th '20
This is a very deep and rich green tea that I absolutely adore. The flavor is all there, and you definitely get even more flavor if you steep it in an infuser that allows it to unfurl during.
Jan 22nd '20
This was pretty good! I am usually not a fan of the berry flavoring in most drinks, but this one was subtle and added the perfect amount of sweetness. The fact that it was an oolong also helped.
Jan 15th '20
This is actually one of my favorite simple oolongs. It s buttery and savory, and not bitter at all if steeped at the right temp and time. I think it is just as good as the masters version, but I am not a connoisseur or anything. I have also steeped it multiple times, and while it is never as good as the first steeping, of course, if you just increase the temp and time of the subsequent infusions, it is still really good!
Jan 15th '20
Definitely a fun tea to drink! Especially during a full moon on a cold night. The blue cornflowers make the dried tea look appetizing, and the coconut and creme make it perfect to drink as is!
Jan 15th '20
I really like this bowl! Not only does it work well for what it is, but it looks really nice on display on my tea shelf! It has a good weight and is very good quality. Definitely recommend!