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photo of lavender lemon
lavender lemon
score: 95
15¢ / cup
photo of concert teapot
concert teapot
score: 95
only $69
photo of glass jar 24oz
glass jar 24oz
score: 97
only $14

Signature Blends

photo of Holly-Day Tea 2021
Holly-Day Tea 2021
by Aj Fields
ceylon sonata, ginger, vanilla
photo of The Seneschal
The Seneschal
by Aj Fields
assam melody, lapsang souchong, vanilla
photo of Areth
by Aj Fields
spearmint, yerba mate, spiced mate


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Messages for AJ:

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Jul 12th 2022 | Public Msg
Sue said:
TinĂşvial is a pretty kitty.
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Jul 16th 2022 | Public Msg
Michelle said:
Hello AJ, I've been searching for that ivy leaf pattern for a while. Would you be willing to tell me the name of the pattern and maker printed on the back? My mom had a teapot in that pattern that is lost to time.
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Jul 17th 2022 | Public Msg
Michelle said:
Thank you AJ, it is very similar, but not quite the same. Regardless, it is lovely. Thank you for sharing. Have a great week, lots of tea, and stay cool if you can! 🫖🪴
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Nov 8th 2022 | Public Msg
Mary said:
AJ, congratulations on your photo win. That looks like it is a beautiful paperweight. The deep blue is striking.
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Nov 27th 2022 | Public Msg
Mary said:
AJ, congratulations on your photo win. I do believe you like Sagitarrius tea!

Latest Reviews

Feb 15th '22
A pleasant mint tea. A perfect cup at the end of a long day! @adagioteas
Feb 15th '22
A delightful floral tea that has tons of flavor without being overpowering. It tastes very distinctly of rose, rather than a generic floral tea. One of my favorite cups! @adagioteas
Feb 15th '22
I've recently discovered a love of cherry teas (and all things cherry in general!), so I had to try this one. The scent is delightful—the almond flavor rounds out the cherry nicely. It has excellent flavor without any one note being overpowering. Updating my review—after having several cups, I can confidently say this is one of my new favorite teas!
Feb 15th '22
A complex, rich green tea with a hint of smoke flavor. The way the leaves unfurl always makes this a visually appealing tea to brew! @adagioteas
Feb 15th '22
A pleasant, citrusy cup! WIth milk and sugar, this tastes very much like an orange creamsicle. @adagioteas
Feb 15th '22
A bright, fruity cup. This has a very natural cherry flavor. @adagioteas
Feb 15th '22
A unique and flavorful tea—tastes very similar to a chocolate orange! Absolutely delicious! Holds up well to milk and sugar. @adagioteas
Sep 15th '15
A very nice, rich chai. The vanilla is almost strong enough to be overpowering. however, the bold undertone of the rooibos holds up on its own.
Jul 5th '15
Very spicy and rich, with a great flavor throughout. Stands up well to milk and sugar. I brewed it in a pot. I would advise letting it steep for a bit less time if making for an individual cup.
Mar 21st '15
I specifically got the 'Chai Town' tea. This is one of my favorite chai blends-spicy and rich, but not so strongly flavored that it overpowers the tea underneath.
Mar 21st '15
Originally, I was given this tea as a gift-and it's rapidly become one of my favorite teas! It has enough complexity to be a highly enjoyable cup to relax to. it also works well as a cup to drink in the background, while doing other things (it's one of my go-to teas at work now). My only wish is that it would come in refill bags instead of just in the tins!
Mar 21st '15
Complex fruit flavors. this was a perfect evening cup for relaxing and contemplating the day.
Mar 21st '15
Complex and sweet, but not flavored too strongly. Stands up well with both milk and sugar, or on its own. One of my staple teas!


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