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photo of coconut grove pouchong
coconut grove pouchong
24¢ / cup
photo of rooibos orange
rooibos orange
Rating: 91
12¢ / cup
photo of the communiTEA
the communiTEA
Rating: 98
only $19

Signature Blends

photo of Delicious Tea. Deadly Poison
Delicious Tea. Deadly Poison
Score: 98
by Valerie May
white tropics, white strawberry, wild strawberry
photo of Emerald Snakes
Emerald Snakes
Score: 97
by Valerie May
chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut
photo of Nation Map
Nation Map
Score: 95
by Valerie May
cocomint green, vanilla green, spearmint


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Jun 24th 2015 | Public Msg
Sara said:
Thank you for the kind compliment! So nice. :)

Latest Reviews

Oct 11th '20
This is fantastic on its own! I love to do 50% Papaya pouchong and 50% grapefruit ooloong.
Aug 27th '20
This is probably the best iced tea I have ever had. I thought I would have to add sugar to it, but it was perfect right out of the pitcher.
Aug 27th '20
This is my favorite Coconut tea as well as my favorite oolong tea.
Aug 27th '20
I do 3/4th tea 1/4th milk. Takes me right back to my childhood.
Dec 12th '15
I bought the tin because I thought it was really cute. I don't really like lemon grass to much. But, when I got this tea and brewed a cup, I fell in love with it. 10/10! (5 mins @ 195°F)
Nov 5th '15
I ended up getting a full sized tin. Not only is the full sized tin beautiful but the tea is outstanding. (5 mins @ 195°F)