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Signature Blends

Caduceus Clay
Caduceus Clay
lavender lemon, foxtrot, chamomile
Jester Lavorre
Jester Lavorre
by Jaz C
coconut, vanilla, almond
Yasha Nydoorin
Yasha Nydoorin
by Jaz C
peppermint, white monkey


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Latest Reviews

Dec 7th '15
This tea is meant to put people to sleep. Such a great taste too!
Jun 3rd '15
My aunt had made a tea similar but I do not remember where she got it. When I bought this tea in replacement it tastes even better than what I have had! If you love a tart orange flavor and a deep rich color to your tea this tea is for you.
Jun 3rd '15
These tins work well if you have 4 oz of tea lying around! I'll be sure to bring these with me to college to have my tea close
Jun 3rd '15
I'm not sure how to feel about this tea yet. Love the scent of it, but I figured it would be just as potent in taste as in scent.
Mar 2nd '15
I can taste all the nuttiness in this tea ^^ though I'm sad my activitiea bottle can not hold the tea in the infused so ill have to find another way to steep this tea. Still a good tea nonetheless though.