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Jan 23rd '19
This is the best tea maker yet. The tea is always perfect, and the warmer keeps it warm as well. We love it here.
Oct 4th '16
The flavors were intriguing and it felt like every sip tasted like another flavor, you can brew this tea more than once, the 2nd brew has flavors just as intense, most tea you re brew does not taste right, but the flavor in this is very intense. You can definitely have this tea all day long.
Oct 28th '14
Its very good, very easy to clean and its dishwasher safe to make it easier on washing. Its a great teapot. Can't wait for the summer to make ice tea.
Oct 28th '14
Best tea ever both warm and cold. We love it no matter what. (7 mins @ 190°F)
Mar 4th '05
It was somewhat bitter, but it was still very interesting.
Mar 4th '05
Its a nice tea to drink inbetween meals, its very settling to the stomach.
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