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photo of CBD mellow mint
CBD mellow mint
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CBD happy buddha
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mango iced tea
19¢ / cup

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Score: 97
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vanilla, tiger eye, candy apple
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berry blues, honeybush chocolate, honeybush vanilla
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earl grey moonlight, pu-erh chorange, peppermint


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Messages for Janell:

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Dec 10th 2014 | Public Msg
Auburn said:
Thanks for leaving a review on my Red Velvet tea!
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Mar 3rd 2015 | Public Msg
Trudy said:
Thanks so much of your great review of Sheldon's Cultural Convention tea. :)
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Sep 26th 2016 | Public Msg
Hannah said:
Thank you so much for the wonderful review of my SuperWhoLock blend!!! :D Have a beautiful day and God bless! :D
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Sep 26th 2016 | Public Msg
Hannah said:
P.S. Your blends sound delightful!!! :D Especially the Mad Hatter one - may have to get that as a Christmas gift for a friend who loves Alice In Wonderland! :D

Latest Reviews

Jan 20th '21
I love my new kettle! I enjoy drinking different types of tea, so having the multiple temperature buttons is a blessing!
Aug 22nd '20
Smells fantastic, but the flavor was not as strong as I was expecting. I d give it a 4.5 if I could.
Jul 27th '20
This tea was good and tasted about as I was expecting it to. Though, I tend to prefer my green teas hot.
Jul 22nd '20
I really liked the scent, but was expecting more from the flavor.
Jul 21st '20
This tea has a unique scent. I m not sure how to describe the flavor other than to say it s fruity and I like it!
May 27th '20
This isn't a tea I would drink all the time, but I may start to buy a sample every so often. There's a simplicity about it I like!
May 26th '20
I've used this in several blends, but never had it on its own. I love the scent! I love the deep red color! I love the sweet & slightly tart flavor of this tea!
Apr 28th '20
The scent was fantastic! The flavor was a bit weak, not my favorite herbal tea.
Apr 27th '20
Love the strong fruity scent! The flavor is not quite strong enough on its own, but I have used this for a few of my blends.
Apr 23rd '20
I really like this one! I found the tea to be strong in both aroma and flavor.
Apr 19th '20
I love the scent and flavor of this tea! Just the right amount of citrus for both!
Mar 27th '20
I have used this in several of my blends. This is the first time I've had it by itself. Both the aroma and flavor are fantastic!
Mar 23rd '20
I love the minty aroma, just wish there was a tad bit more minty flavor!
Mar 22nd '20
It has a very flowery scent, but I am not a big fan of floral teas.
Feb 9th '20
I really liked the scent, but it tasted like barely minty hot water. Maybe I got a bad batch? I let it steep for 7 minutes, so I was expecting more flavor.
Jan 31st '20
I found the scent to be peculiar, but I enjoyed the taste! Also, I felt better after having a cup. I ll keep this tea around for when I feel a bit under the weather.
Dec 3rd '19
I absolutely love the scent of this tea! But, I m only giving it 4 stars due to the flavor being almost as delicious as the scent. I will be trying more pouchong in the future as this was my first.
Oct 4th '19
Chocolate Truffle is rich and decadent, just as I imagined it would be! The only way to make it even better than it is, would be to have a slice of chocolate cake with it.