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photo of english breakfast
english breakfast
score: 94
20¢ / cup
photo of tangerine tuxedo
tangerine tuxedo
score: 91
71¢ / cup
photo of white peach
white peach
score: 95
24¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Peach Strawb. bubble Tea - Decaf
Peach Strawb. bubble Tea - Decaf
Score: 99
by Insurgent I...
decaf peach, decaf strawberry, decaf vanilla
photo of  Bella Luna - light caff
Bella Luna - light caff
Score: 93
by Insurgent I...
coconut, decaf earl grey, decaf vanilla
photo of Apricot Amaretto
Apricot Amaretto
Score: 90
by Insurgent I...
almond, apricot, dewy cherry


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Latest Reviews

Jan 10th '20
Smells fantastic even before tasting, really pleasant aroma
Jan 10th '20
Really, Pretty looking, and very portable. Hoping to decorate it with some nice vinyl stickers
Jan 9th '20
Absolutely Delicious, I devoured them almost immediately