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photo of pu-erh hazelberry
pu-erh hazelberry
Rating: 94
15¢ / cup
photo of valentines
12¢ / cup
photo of sleeping dragon
sleeping dragon
Rating: 93
12¢ / cup

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Holy Priest
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honeybush orange, rooibos vanilla chai, turmeric bliss


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Latest Reviews

Apr 14th '20
Very savory and grassy, this one! I personally prefer 'sweeter' sorts of green teas, but this one was a neat change of pace, and fresh despite not being my cup of tea.
Mar 27th '20
Ah... these leaves are so pretty, and the tea itself is a nice, fresh sweet green tea. Be gentle when brewing it and be generous with the leaves! A good deal I think.
Mar 27th '20
I thought this would be like the hazelnut rooibos, but it's really pretty nice in a different way. You can sort of smell the chocolate even brewed, although it's not a super strong note.
Mar 27th '20
Oh... I was a little worried I wouldn't like this one, but it's so well balanced! You can really smell the vanilla when it's dry, but it's all much subtler when brewed. Be gentle- it's a white tea!, and it'll do you well if you like strawberry cream flavored things.
Mar 27th '20
Smelled exactly like I wanted it to! When drinking it, I could personally use a tiny bit more pepper. This blend in particular is rather sweet and spicy. It also has the interesting distinction of nearly having more spices than tea!! Those who don't need THAT much of a spice may be very happy mixing this with plain black teas as well.


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