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Nov 17th 2016 | Public Msg
veterinarian said:
Hello. I am a veterinarian. I live in turkey in Giresun. Hazelnuts are growing up in this region. I want to do a project about hazelnut tea. I would like to consult about this issue. If you would like to be an adviser to me on this matter, please. Did you drink the nutcakes? do you like it? What is your idea?

Latest Reviews

Feb 28th '20
My husband and son love this tea! It's great with a little sugar and milk. Also being caffeine free is a big plus for my son who likes to drink tea with me.
Feb 28th '20
A perfect tea for when you have a cold or feel a little under the weather. Was great with lemon and honey.
Oct 31st '19
Interesting chocolate tea. There is an undertone that I can't quite place, might be the blue cornflowers, that sometimes makes the tea taste off. By off I mean slightly bitter and almost spoiled. When I brew a cup with more chocolate chips, it tastes really good, so the bottom of the bag was better than the top. I suggest mixing it up really well and making sure you get chocolate chips in each steep.
Mar 14th '19
Very good decaf tea. I've been able to enjoy this tea without sugar and still taste the fruity accents of apricot. A lovely end to a hectic day.
Mar 14th '19
Very good flavor for a 'healthy' tea. It is quite soothing while nursing a cold or sore throat. My whole house was recently under the weather and this tea picked us all up.
Aug 26th '18
This is a hard one to review, as I have recently come to realize cherry is not my favorite flavor. My husband liked it, so I'm certain it's subjective. I tried blending it with almond and cream tea, which did help, but overall I don't think cherry is the right flavor for me. Maybe I'm ruined by all the artificial cherry flavored medicine I had to take as a kid, which this sort of reminded me of. Maybe the addition of rose petals made it too bitter, though I love rose tea. Either way, it's just a preference. If you like or love cherries, you might like this one. If you're on the fence about cherries, I'd go with a sample size to test it out first, or stick to one of the many other delicious flavors on this site.