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photo of gritTEA grinder
gritTEA grinder
Rating: 93
only $39
photo of fairy tales (bags)
fairy tales (bags)
from $9
photo of jasmine teas
jasmine teas
Rating: 97
only $20

Signature Blends

Score: 99
by Tea Totaller
mocha nut mate, honeybush hazelnut, gingerbread
Score: 99
by Tea Totaller
passionfruit tango, berry blues, pomegranate green
Score: 95
by Tea Totaller
earl grey lavender, earl grey moonlight, cream


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Messages for Tea:

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Feb 22nd 2021 | Public Msg
Lee said:
These look so cute!!
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Apr 23rd 2021 | Public Msg
Letti said:
I love the idea behind scary teas to sip in the dark, if you had a fandom for it i'd jump on that ish so quick.
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Apr 27th 2021 | Public Msg
Letti said:
Joined up looking forward to any new stories you add to it. :)
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May 21st 2021 | Public Msg
Letti said:
Hi there, Tea. I had a question. I noticed you also purchased the Butterfly pea flower tea from adagio. Did you get the sample jar for $3 and if so is it the little image shown? I was wondering cause i sort of impulse purchased it so i don't quiet know what im in for. Thank you for your time hope your day is nice.
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May 21st 2021 | Public Msg
Letti said:
Thank you for the response. I was wondering cause i again impulse purchased so i didn't know much regarding it. Hope your day goes swell.