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photo of earl grey bravo
earl grey bravo
15¢ / cup
photo of black dragon pearls
black dragon pearls
score: 96
35¢ / cup
photo of earl grey moonlight
earl grey moonlight
15¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Snow Walker
Snow Walker
Score: 97
by Maria Burns
foxtrot, lemongrass, peppermint
photo of The Wizard
The Wizard
Score: 80
by Maria Burns
irish breakfast, earl grey green, chestnut
photo of Hook
Score: 99
by Maria Burns
coconut, oriental spice, thai chai


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Messages for Maria:

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May 22nd 2014 | Public Msg
FroggyBangBang said:
Aww thank you so much!
Jun 1st 2015 | Public Msg
Alithea said:
This is delicious! It's like drinking smoke.
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Dec 14th 2015 | Public Msg
Katie said:
You're welcome! I was delighted to try it. I plan to try some more of your blends in the future. :)
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Mar 8th 2018 | Public Msg
Eveie said:

Latest Reviews

Mar 15th '22
Always a favorite, and the teabags make it even more convenient. Delightful tea. @adagioteas
Sep 21st '21
Always a favorite of mine, and the teabags make it all the more convenient for travel!
Sep 21st '21
A bit too up front with the marzipan for my tastes, but an excellent dessert tea when paired with milk and honey!
Jul 8th '21
Love it so, so much! Perfect on its own, but also makes a lovely milk tea.
Jun 16th '21
It smells exactly like bourbon, and has a very rich flavor. Definitely a dessert tea!
Jun 16th '21
Nice variety of teas in a very portable format. I likely wouldn t get it again, but only because now I have definite favorites.
May 29th '21
I sent this to a dear friend, and she absolutely adored it.
Jan 22nd '21
One of my favorites. I really like the convenience of the bags.
Oct 21st '20
Three stars only for my sadness; somehow my box was mistakenly thrown out before the month began and I was unable to get a replacement and therefore missed all the fun...
Sep 4th '20
This is my first time trying Adagio s version of Genmaicha and it holds up well against some of the others I have sampled. Toasty. Tasty. Hearty.
Aug 7th '20
A very tasty green tea with hints of natural sweetness and some fruity notes.
Aug 7th '20
Delicious, bold, with notes of pepper. It s a very rich and round tasting tea. I will definitely be buying this one again!
Aug 7th '20
The leaves themselves are quite beautiful, but I was hoping for a more robust flavor. It s lightly floral.
Aug 7th '20
Very nutty and aromatic. Gets bitter if forgotten (as I learned the hard way) but quite delicious.
Aug 7th '20
Relatively standard black tea with a hint of fruit. I liked it, but not enough to be excited about it. Runs bitter if oversteeped.
Apr 30th '20
A very creamy and mineral tea. It comes across as very refreshing for a black tea, and is less forceful than a lot of its counterparts.
Apr 30th '20
I really, really love this one. It is hearty, earthy, and frankly nearly perfect. It has a very decadent mouthfeel.
Apr 29th '20
Really good! I missed this one last time it came around, and I'm glad I managed to snag a bag. A very pleasant brew, and quite hearty. Can't wait for the next time it's available.
Apr 29th '20
Very floral. It smells kind of like a light summer perfume. Slight hints of citrus in the flavor, though predominantly floral. I am going to try this iced; my instinct says that it will be incredibly refreshing!
Apr 29th '20
Hearty and mineral, but very smooth. Solid alone or with additions--whether those additions are other teas or cream and sugar!
Dec 26th '19
Surprisingly disappointing. There is little commitment or resemblance to either matcha or hot chocolate. It tastes rather like someone put grass in a blender with cocoa powder and called it a masterpiece. I tried making it multiple ways: with and without sugar, with almond milk and regular milk, with water, cold in a shake. It s just not very good.
Dec 26th '19
I am a huge fan of this one. It tastes very much like the decadence of chocolate, and there is also a distinctive bite that reminds me of whiskey. It s a very full-bodied tea.
Dec 1st '19
Standard Lapsang. Excellent smoky taste. No astringency. Very fragrant in the bag.
Sep 12th '19
I ordered these because I thought that they were neat. They were, but the tea was also very good. Delicately citrus, and naturally sweet. One little tangerine made a big pot of tea. Everyone was charmed.
Sep 5th '19
Strong and hardy, but less smooth than I was hoping. It has a lovely malty flavor, and a very robust mouthfeel. Good occasionally, the second steeping is always more mellow.
Sep 5th '19
Exceptionally delicate, but absolutely refreshing. This is a crowd-pleaser all around. The flavor is sweet and crisp. It would probably be delicious iced!
Aug 25th '19
It smells kind of like a hayride, and tastes like hay and dried autumnal leaves...but in a very positive way. It smells like jumping into leaf piles, and is very good for multiple steepings. I like the way it doesn t get astringent, but it s one of those things that one has to be in the mood for. And hay and leaves is a very specific mood.
Aug 25th '19
Absolutely lovely natural peach flavors embedded in a very smooth brew with no astringency. Light sweetness as well. An excellent tea to drink hot or iced.
Aug 19th '19
I bought this particularly for making lattes. The chocolate flavor holds up, and though I wish there had been a bit more spice...I am satisfied!
Aug 19th '19
Solid, serviceable. Not finicky about steeping times. It is never too astringent, but nor is it particularly exciting. It is inoffensive and satisfactory, with bright notes of citrus. I d call it: Garden Party Traditional. A positive experience overall!
Aug 19th '19
Let s get one thing clear first: I really wanted to like this one. Really. Because I absolutely love sage, but something about the tastes very medicinal. It s okay.
Aug 19th '19
Absolutely delicious, nice and earthy. Very full-bodied, and I will definitely purchase it again!
Jun 30th '19
Classic, strong. Vaguely mineral. I am a fan. Lighter than the Irish breakfast. Less malty as well. I prefer this one.
Mar 8th '19
So much cinnamon!! Absolutely delicious brewed in almond milk with a swirl of honey. My new favorite chai!
Mar 8th '19
Extremely smooth, nice hint of cream. Strong enough for a second steeping!
Feb 11th '19
I tried many different steeping times, but this one always came out slightly too sour for my liking. It smells okay in the bag, but I don t really like its taste. I ll try it iced before I give up entirely, but for now I will not be reordering this one.