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photo of pu-erh tahiti
pu-erh tahiti
15¢ / cup
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12¢ / cup
photo of cold and flu teas
cold and flu teas
only $12

Signature Blends

Hazelnut heaven
Hazelnut heaven
by M Heilborn
hazelnut, honeybush hazelnut, almond
Decaf Vanilla Chai
Decaf Vanilla Chai
by M Heilborn
decaf spice, decaf vanilla, cinnamon
Spicy Pi
Spicy Pi
by M Heilborn
rooibos cinnamon apple, pu erh spice, dewy cherry


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Latest Reviews

Dec 3rd '20
Simple, smooth flavor, a nice option for decaf black tea. I find that I don't reach for this one that often, I prefer flavored black teas for decaf. (4 mins @ 212°F)
Dec 3rd '20
Unexpected! I enjoy hazelnut but the usual one I get has too much caffeine, this one is smoother and decaf, very nice. (3 mins @ 212°F)
Dec 3rd '20
I ve only tried two of this pack so far, but I was pleasantly surprised with the flavors. Nice herbal teas, hopefully they do have medicinal qualities, the flavors are lighter than I anticipated--so I wonder if they don t put in much of the plants that really help symptoms.
Dec 3rd '20
Pretty good, I don t think the flavor profile is wide enough to be one of my favorites, but it s still a nice tea (3 mins @ 212°F)
Dec 3rd '20
This chai has a good combination of spices and flavors, it recommends steeping for longer (which is more traditional for chai) but I like it with a little lighter flavor, less bitter, so I do 3-4 minutes. (3 mins @ 212°F)
Dec 2nd '19
Surprisingly nice, black tea with some sweetness and a smooth caramel quality to the flavor. (3 mins @ 212°F)