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halloween costumer
photo of thai tea
thai tea
15¢ / cup
halloween costumer
photo of kentucky bourbon
kentucky bourbon
Rating: 91
15¢ / cup
halloween costumer
photo of jade oolong
jade oolong
Rating: 95
22¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Victor Nikiforov
Victor Nikiforov
Score: 97
by Identitea P...
earl grey moonlight, cream, summer rose
photo of Yuri Katsuki
Yuri Katsuki
Score: 96
by Identitea P...
cinnamon, vanilla oolong, masala chai
photo of Yuri Plisetski
Yuri Plisetski
Score: 98
by Identitea P...
tiger eye, spiced apple chai, sour apple


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Messages for IdentiTEA:

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Dec 3rd 2017 | Public Msg
Miki said:
Sorry, didn't mean to send it twice. I asked because I was wondering if you heard of Viewfinder, the manga. There is a character named Asami, I was thinking you could put Assam tea in it, just for giggles. I would do it myself but your art is very eye-catching and your blends are terrific. Thank you.
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Apr 28th 2021 | Public Msg
Letti said:
Hiyah, i was wondering if you were planning on making all the animal crossing teas chibi like in appearance. Love them and was just curious.

Latest Reviews

Dec 4th '20
delicious and great for multiple steeps
Dec 4th '20
nice delicate jasmine flavor.