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yunnan gold
score: 96
42¢ / cup
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golden monkey
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pu-erh poe
score: 90
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photo of Coriolanus
Score: 99
by Helen O
valentines, hibiscus, mocha nut mate
photo of Jupiter Jones
Jupiter Jones
by Helen O
cream, rooibos vanilla, green rooibos blueberry
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Cassius's birthday cake
Score: 99
by Helen O
pu-erh hazelberry, cinnamon, honeybush chocolate


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Nov 23rd 2016 | Public Msg
Jaime said:
I'm sad that Hercelus Mulligan as well as the others got taken off this site. I really wanted to buy more!
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Feb 7th 2017 | Public Msg
I have been throroughly enjoying my Hamilton sample set and was looking forward to repurchasing some teas, only to find that they're gone! As beautiful as the artwork was, would you be able/willing to repost the blends with different art (or, honestly, no art at all)?

Latest Reviews

Mar 6th '16
Gorgeous honeybush, gentle and sweet and nutty. I can't wait to blend with it!
Mar 6th '16
Smells great, Adagio's tisanes are still way too sugary for me. Literally like drinking sugar water that smells like pineapples.
Feb 24th '16
Apricot green, your delicacy and beauty is rapturous. Too bad about the weird metallic taste in a lot of Adagio's fruit greens. Still pretty great though.
Feb 24th '16
Not a very gentle white, similar to white peach in its intensity/similarity to black tea. The grapefruit is strong and fragrant in both dry and steeped tea, but it's not overly sweet. Thoroughly enjoyable.
Feb 21st '16
They're great! They're puerh! But they're not as dark or flavorful as the other puerhs Adagio has, and if you really adore the true fermented earthy darkness of puerh, they aren't as worth your time.
Feb 21st '16
Smoky without being smoked through, dark but not bitter, and with a pepper bite. Love.
Feb 14th '16
It's very pleasant, but doesn't really have any intense tastes. All in all, a mild green that you can forget about while you're drinking.
Jan 5th '16
Honestly, I was fairly surprised that I liked this tea. It's a Ceylon flavored tea (usually, ugh) and it smelled weird in the package, like too many flavors, cinnamon and anise all mingling with this syrupy orange smell. But the taste is primarily dark with sweet orange notes and it's not as bitter as other Ceylons are. Win?
Dec 31st '15
Strongly malty, a little bitter, very refreshing. I steeped it thirty minutes (!!) accidentally and it was still great.
Dec 15th '15
Sticks-to-your-teeth sweet and very one-note in its flavor. Not my fave.
Dec 13th '15
I didn't hate it as much as I thought I would? The caramel and apple taste great together, but the Ceylon is still bitter as anything.
Dec 12th '15
Previously, I used an IngenuiTEA that had one of the stand nubs broken off. It was hard to clean, particularly for less pure blends (Teavana's gross and yet delicious Pumpkin Spice Brulee would leave oily residue), and became worn and unsightley. I love the compact, functional PersonaliTEA. The strainer lets in a few flakes of your brew, but is endlessly easier to dump once used. It's not as intuitive how much water to pour for a cup, but the pouring is smooth and so nice to watch! I love it so far.
Nov 30th '15
Nutty with little smoky notes, a very intensely woody green, but not complete popcorn-in-a-cup like genmai cha. I can't wait to blend with it!
Nov 27th '15
The flavor compliments the inherent woodiness of the rooibos well, neither the sweet apple nor the cinnamon being very strong, making its flavor a blend rather than a recreation of their original flavors.
Nov 24th '15
It's still a pure black tea and I'm still not a pure black tea lover, but the maltiness is extraordinarily pleasant.
Nov 24th '15
It doesn't taste overmuch like white tea, since it isn't flavored and the spice sweeps out all the sweetness of pure white, but you can tell that the background is lighter and purer than other chais, and it's a tiny bit sweet with strong, bright spices.
Nov 21st '15
Wonderful tea, the dark chocolate flavors are not overwhelming but they're a pretty wonderful compliment to the usual bitterness of Ceylon. Becomes very light during the second steep, almost taking on cinnamon-y notes.
Nov 19th '15
Dark, smells amazing, but the taste isn't super flavorful. The pumpkin doesn't come through as much, although it is a lovely sweet chai.
Nov 18th '15
Goodness freaking gracious, I loooove puerhs. Although Dante isn't as delicious as the flavored puerh, its dark purity still makes for amazing drinking. My first cup was a little over-brewed at 4 minutes, turning a tad bitter at the end, but the re-steep was smoother. Side note: really good with Nutella? Why? But it is.
Dec 14th '14
This tastes good, but more like a black than a white tea. There isn't the usual airiness of Adagio's light blend here, and whether that's the interplay of peach or their base I can't tell. But though it's perfectly drinkable, it won't kiss your tongue with sweetness. I prefer the peach oolong.
Dec 10th '14
Like most of Adagio's black teas, I can't stand it without milk. With milk, the intensity of the chocolate and caramel are dulled a bit.
Apr 5th '14
Sweet. But the smell has a note similar to vomit: not in the taste, mind, but very weird and off-putting if you can't get past it.
Apr 5th '14
Cherry green is wonderful in every blend I've used it in, but a bit one-note for just a cup. That's my own preferences, however.
Apr 5th '14
Adagio's flavored greens are always wonderful, and this spicy treat is no exception. Plays well with other greens, whites, and herbals in blends. Robust and delicious.
Mar 24th '14
A bit too smoky for me, but still a decent, interesting green.
Mar 24th '14
Too intense for me! Smelling it almost hurts your nose. I only drink it in blends.
Mar 24th '14
Love this tea, so great, kind of tastes like coffee, gives a great pep to your day.
Dec 14th '13
I love jasmine and summer rose flavors, and I like it in blends, but it's just like drinking a strong, strong flower and it turns out that's not my thing.
Dec 6th '13
Definitely sweet and roses, plays well in blends, but that Ceylon base overwhelms the floral flavor with bitterness.
Dec 5th '13
Only drinkable if overloaded with honey to make a black honey tea with a tiny bit of dark berry sweetness at the end. The currant tea is better.
Dec 1st '13
Oh geez. That is sure hibiscus: tangy-sour and sweet and super intense. It beats the natural bitterness of the Ceylon to a pulp and dances around in your mouth.
Nov 30th '13
It tastes like hazelnuts. With some honey the bitterness is minimized, but there's a feety background on the flavor that I can deal with when combined (in blends/puerh and berries) but is not awesome by itself.
Nov 29th '13
Lemongrass and peppercorn, a weaker chai but still enjoyable, with hints of coconut. Definitely flavorful and different,
Nov 29th '13
Ugh this tea, it's so good, the earthy darkness and hint of berries. It's perfect as a morning brew and I can't get enough of it.
Nov 27th '13
Light as all honeybush have been, but the chocolate itself is interestingly dark.
Nov 26th '13
Very sappy, woodsy, and floral, really far more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Not overwhelmingly sweet but better for it.
Nov 26th '13
Apparently earthiness is like heaven in my mouth but smokiness is hell. Blend in 10 and watch it char all flavor in your tea.
Nov 22nd '13
Bitter like all the flavors, but easier to blend with and add honey to for a nice brew. I can't praise this tea in blends enough.
Nov 22nd '13
So bitter. The gingerbread spice flavor is nice, I guess, but it's overwhelmed by the yuck factor of the Ceylon in ways other flavored teas aren't.
Nov 22nd '13
Too bitter! I like it in blends, and it smells divine, but on its own I can't stomach it.
Nov 22nd '13
Sweet, flavorful, and different each brew. The jasmine and the rooibos are distinct and yet mix wonderfully. Mmm.
Nov 21st '13
Wonderful dark fruity taste at the beginning, but it gets bitter toward the end. Better with food than alone.