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photo of scottish breakfast
scottish breakfast
score: 97
15¢ / cup
photo of tangerine tuxedo
tangerine tuxedo
score: 91
71¢ / cup
photo of lemon meringue green
lemon meringue green
score: 94
17¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon
Score: 94
by Paige halse...
vanilla oolong, almond oolong, peach oolong
photo of Sailor Jupiter
Sailor Jupiter
Score: 97
by Paige halse...
mango green, vanilla green, raspberry green
photo of Sailor Venus
Sailor Venus
Score: 98
by Paige halse...
coconut, passionfruit, pina colada


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Messages for Paige Halsey:

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Jul 14th 2014 | Public Msg
Cynthia said:
I bought the Bishougo Senshi sampler set during a limited weekend offer and I am in love. Each tea is so unique and represents the characters so perfectly. I can't say enough good things about them. I also love the artwork. I hope the set becomes a permanent collection.
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Jul 19th 2014 | Public Msg
Kittie said:
Found you while looking at other Sailor Moon collections, and your art is adorable!! I love your Madoka collection as well. So cute!! I'd add you as a friend on here if I could figure out how, lol
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Oct 12th 2014 | Public Msg
Auburn said:
any thoughts on a bill cipher tea?
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Oct 16th 2014 | Public Msg
Heidi said:
Sailor Moon is my favorite tea to have on a rainy day!!
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Oct 16th 2016 | Public Msg
Emma said:
This tea has easily become one of my new obsessions and I love it.

Latest Reviews

Oct 8th '14
I tend to like iced green tea while I work and this was PERFECT 'working' tea! I'm definitely going to order more soon :D
May 8th '14
I prefer fruity and floral teas iced in general and this tea was perfect for that. I can't wait to take a pitcher of this tea out to the pool this summer.
May 8th '14
I drank mine iced, but anticipate it being even better hot, and really enjoyed it. You can definitely taste the rice but it doesn't overpower the rest of the tea. I definitely plan on getting this again.