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Latest Reviews

Apr 13th '20
Look, I don t hate it. I think I expected it to more closely resemble the thai tea you get in shops and while it s GOOD, it isn t close. Nor is it one I d want to drink all the time. That being said, I will definitely finish the bag I have and keep adding sweetened condensed milk to this and other teas!
Jul 31st '19
This should be called chai with a vague hint of chocolate . It s good chai. It s REALLY good chai. Nicely spiced, wakes up the senses. But I genuinely expected and hoped for more of a chocolate taste. I would use this in a blend, probably, or maybe add a little of it to one of my black teas for a kick, but it just wasn t what I wanted when I went Chocolate chai? Sure, I ll take a sample of that!
Jun 17th '19
This wasn t nearly as pink or as berry flavored as I expected. It wasn t bad, but I don t know that I ll order it again. I m definitely going to try more of the iced teas, though, because I m in love with how convenient they are to make!
May 28th '19
I was hesitant about this one. I didn t think vanilla and green tea really went together. And then I smelled it. And then...oh, and THEN I tasted it. I m in heaven. It s so smooth and rich and flavorful. Not overly sweet, just the perfect pickup of vanilla flavor. It doesn t have that dessert feel I was afraid of, but it s definitely sweet enough to be a bit of a morning treat.
May 20th '19
This is a really subtle fruity green. I didn t pick up a lot of the pomegranate but it sort of kicks back at the end. This tea actually leaves a really nice aftertaste which I don t usually find in greens. Overall, I don t regret buying this one at all.
May 17th '19
This was a nice fruit tea but I was pretty underwhelmed. I expected a lot more flavors, a tropical escape sort of tea. That was definitely not what I picked up. I didn t hate it but it wasn t what I d planned.
May 17th '19
I really like this tea. It s a very subtle green tea, good for blending with others. It s delicious on its own but I had a little raspberry green left that wouldn t make a full cup. I added a bit to it and it was great! By itself it has a very subtle undertone of fruit flavor. It smells cool and refreshing in the bag and smells warm and comforting when brewed. I ll almost definitely buy it again.
Mar 18th '19
Not really what I was expecting but not bad. I love the cherry green and raspberry is my favorite fruit so I figured I was set for life. Wrong. The raspberry in this tastes artificial to me, more like candy than the actual fruit. Still nice but I will probably order the cherry far more.
Mar 18th '19
I'm still learning to love green teas, but this one is great! Tastes like the gourmet stuff you get at the nice Chinese restaurants. Fresh and upbeat yet still somehow comforting. Tastes like nostalgia.
Mar 15th '19
This is a great dessert or treat tea. I love adding some milk and letting it sit like a chai and then having that warm butterscotch candy flavor. Like the candies you always find in candy bowls but no one ever knows where they come from.
Mar 15th '19
This is delicious! It's like those red hots candy in a cup. Such a great burst of flavor.
Feb 18th '19
I'm sorry, this was awful. Maybe for some people, but it's not for me. I read the description thinking it would be a bit more like gunpowder but that was not what I got. It was a bit like drinking dirt and my coworker described it as 'chum in a cup'. I actually threw away the rest of the bag and couldn't even make it through one full cup. There's a reason I start with sampler sizes!
Feb 18th '19
This is by far my favorite of the green teas. That cherry comes through nice and strong both in the pouch and once brewed. It smells amazing, it has a natural sweetness that needed no sugar to perk it up. I struggle with a lot of green teas due to how bitter they are but just don t steep this one longer than 3 minutes and it s a delightful refreshing treat.
Jan 22nd '19
Perfectly named because it really does taste like Christmas. The smell in the bag wasn't overwhelming at all, just a lovely hint of spice. Brewed it does lose some of that smell but the taste makes up for it. Highly recommend adding a little of the fiery cinnamon spice tea for an extra punch.
Dec 28th '18
This is my absolute favorite herbal tea blend. It s soothing and comforting. It still has that refreshing minty taste without that harsh bite of peppermint. I like to use this as a wind down tea at the end of the day when I want something calming without the caffeine.
Dec 25th '14
Honestly this is one of my favorite non blends. It's sweet and crisp with that bit of tang that makes cranberry so good. I added sugar because I like my tea really sweet but if you prefer it can definitely go without. I also used a large portion because I was using a large mug and it was plenty strong enough!
Mar 24th '14
I really expected the tropical flavors in this to be a lot stronger. I was disappointed. I also felt it was a slightly bitter taste, but that could just be green tea in general.
Feb 3rd '14
Love this! So much better than just a hint of peppermint, you can tell there is authentic peppermint oil used in making this tea. I love the burst of flavor, and I adore the fragrance in the bag, while brewing, and under my nose as I lift my mug to drink deliciousness. It's refreshing and exciting and I love it!
Jan 20th '14
So recently I was introduced to a seasonal 'Cinnamon bun tea' and was heartbroken when I realized I wouldn't be able to get it anymore after Christmas. It was apparently made from regular tea and cinnamon syrup. I discovered Adagio had a cinnamon tea and figured, 'what the heck, I'll try anything once'. And now I would like the biggest bag ever of this. Can I get a pound of it? Or more? This is my favorite tea ever. It is just the right amount of cinnamon without being overly spicy or weak. While it's brewing, it tingles the nose with that glorious cinnamon smell and then it moves on to tingle your tongue. I tried it plain with a little sugar but I'd love to try it with cream, too, to see if it tastes like a pastry like I imagine it will!
Jan 13th '14
I don't really like my fruity teas hot so I iced this one. Excellent decision on my part because with some sugar and honey, it's the most beautiful concoction ever. Sweet and bright and exciting, it honestly tastes like drinking a strawberry. Love it!!
Jan 11th '14
Green tea and I have a love/hate relationship but I got this one as a sample so I had to try it. I'd recommend brewing it very lightly, as the flavor seems to get distorted if you try to go strong on this one. I don't pick up much apricot, either. I'd have liked that to be a little more prominent.
Jun 6th '13
I was anxious about ordering these when I read the previous bad reviews, but I don't really have the time in the mornings to sit and steep a cup of tea so I went for it and got a box. At $3, what did I have to lose? What a great investment! They're really simple and whatever the issue was with the taste before, it's done because I haven't noticed any taste in these at all. They're wonderful and SO convenient! Now I can just toss one in my cup and go!