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photo of rooibos caramel
rooibos caramel
Rating: 92
12¢ / cup
photo of utiliTEA kettle
utiliTEA kettle
Rating: 98
only $59
photo of personaliTEA teapot (grasshopper)
personaliTEA teapot (grasshopper)
Rating: 98
only $19

Signature Blends

photo of captain hook
captain hook
Score: 97
by Ash S
irish breakfast, blackberry, spiced mate
photo of Yessir, captain tight pants!
Yessir, captain tight pants!
Score: 96
by Ash S
caramel, valentines, vanilla
photo of i could kill you with my brain
i could kill you with my brain
Score: 90
by Ash S
caramel, vanilla, chamomile


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Messages for Ash:

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Jun 11th 2013 | Public Msg
Emily said:
I can NOT wait to drink this.
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Jul 8th 2013 | Public Msg
Valorie said:
OMG! These teas are so kickass!
Sep 9th 2016 | Public Msg
Coltin said:
I bought this for my sister as a Christmas present last year she absolutely this tea. I asked her what her favorite thing was and she said I don't know I just love it! 10 out of 10
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Jan 29th 2017 | Public Msg
Helen said:
I remember the episode where they did Eye of the Tiger. it was Yellow Fever. I laughed when they had Dean do that little clip at the end of the episode. I laughed so hard.

Latest Reviews

Dec 28th '13
Mara definitely suits her personality. The flavors work together well. Just don't let it steep to long or she will kick (which honestly fits her personality!)
Dec 28th '13
Obi-wan turned out to be what i consider to be an amazing blend. It is so smooth and polished. Another one of my favorites!
Dec 28th '13
Hook has become my favorite tea and is my go to when i need comfort. First of all the smell is perfect for our favorite pirate. I kind of just want to roll in it like a cat and catnip. The flavor? perfect. The irish breakfast serves as the perfect base for the blackberry and spice.
Jul 25th '13
This has become my new favorite tea. The flavors combine perfectly and really do suit Belle.
Jul 25th '13
This was actually the first time i tried 'real' chamomile tea. It was great and i look forward to trying it blended with other flavors.
Jul 25th '13
Caramel is one of my favorite flavors and this is no exception. Love it!