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Rating: 91
71¢ / cup
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Rating: 95
47¢ / cup
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Rating: 94
19¢ / cup

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Latest Reviews

Aug 30th '20
Disclaimer: I'm REALLY not a fan of oranges or pineapples and the scent alone put me off of it, but the actual taste is much more herbal and lemongrass heavy. Whether you like it is really gonna depend how fruit-heavy you were hoping the tea was, as many of the other reviews will tell you.
Oct 17th '16
Adagio attempted to make this gaiwan-inspired set easier to use by putting a notch in the cup to pour tea while the lid fits securely, instead of the normal method of using the lid to control the pour. However, this makes the pouring more messy. The lid is also fairly thin and gets very hot, making pouring and turning the cup over afterwards to view the leaves a challenge. While I can see the benefit of this for people with arthritis, shaky hands, or other problems using a gaiwan cup, I wish Adagio also sold a regular Gaiwan cup, since it's hard to find one ANYWHERE.


Aug 30th