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photo of keemun concerto
keemun concerto
Rating: 94
20¢ / cup
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thai tea
Rating: 94
15¢ / cup

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photo of Corra Linnen-Zulfura
Corra Linnen-Zulfura
by Danielle L
cream, chocolate chip, peppermint
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Seshmir Narash
by Danielle L
pu-erh dante, vanilla, chocolate chai pu-erh
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Molly McGhee
by Danielle L
chocolate, strawberry, summer rose


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Dec 11th '14
I really wanted to like this tea, but it just isn't the tea for me. The scotch/almond scent and flavor is really overwhelming to me. It tastes like I'm drinking straight-up Bailey's. Which maybe is totally your thing! Unfortunately, it just leaves me feeling nauseous. Perhaps having more of the citrusy ceylon or the chocolate to come through would have improved my experience. I also see some people have tried it with milk to good effect, which I have yet to do. Adding some sugar did seem to help a bit.
Jun 6th '13
The tea in the bag smells fantastic, and when brewed, smells like Christmas due to the cinnamon. However, you don't taste much of the spice in this tea--it comes across as more of the light, clean taste I associate with green teas. The hazelnut comes in nice and strong, although it's not overpowering. This has become my go-to breakfast tea. Just a dash of sugar with about 1/3 Tbsp leaves brings out the flavor and it's good to go. It's also pretty fantastic iced--very crisp and refreshing. (4 mins @ 212°F)