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photo of golden monkey
golden monkey
score: 95
32¢ / cup
photo of earl grey moonlight
earl grey moonlight
score: 96
15¢ / cup
photo of pu-erh pearls
pu-erh pearls
score: 94
32¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of The Voidhound
The Voidhound
by Greyias
irish breakfast, cream, butterscotch
photo of Tythonian Hero
Tythonian Hero
Score: 99
by Greyias
cream, vanilla, lemon soleil
photo of The Grand Master
The Grand Master
Score: 99
by Greyias
vanilla oolong, almond oolong, candy apple


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Latest Reviews

May 19th '20
I bought this in an order on a lark, so I wouldn't have to keep refilling water bottles with filtered water for my morning tea. It's been great, and it filters super quick (much, MUCH quicker than any Brita or other filter device I've used in the past). We have really hard water with a chlorinated tang where I'm at, and this does a fantastic job of getting rid of that. I use it for everything when I need room temperature water, like making pasta, soup, and of course, tea. The only thing that I couldn't get to work on it was the filter replacement indicator... but that's not a deal breaker for me. The utility of this filter more than makes up for that.
Nov 16th '19
This was an excellent tea! Either the flavor on this tea is different, or I've been brewing my earl greys wrong this entire time because I really liked how this came out. It was very floral and tropical and smooth, and sweet enough for me to drink it without adding anything. I will definitely have to keep this one in the rotation.