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photo of golden flower
golden flower
score: 95
15¢ / cup
photo of maple creme oolong
maple creme oolong
17¢ / cup
photo of raja oolong chai
raja oolong chai
score: 95
17¢ / cup

Signature Blends

photo of Drizzt Do'Urden
Drizzt Do'Urden
Score: 98
by Larkin Nauman
earl grey lavender, blackberry, vanilla oolong
photo of the nine-tailed fox
the nine-tailed fox
Score: 80
by Larkin Nauman
cream, peach oolong, raspberry patch
photo of maven of the strings
maven of the strings
Score: 99
by Larkin Nauman
vanilla oolong, berry blast, cranberry


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Messages for Larkin:

Mar 2nd 2014 | Public Msg
Tony said:
Manda good job, I love this tea
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Mar 3rd 2014 | Public Msg
rita said:
this is awesome! tasty and nice. went well with cinnamon bread.

Latest Reviews

Jul 25th '21
I was a bit unsure about this one, but followed a review that suggested using some cream in it and it was quite tasty. I did warm the cream up to make sure the chocolate chips would dissolve when the water was added and it just has a really clean dark chocolate flavor.
Jul 24th '21
very nice green tea, definitely enjoyed this both hot and cold
Jul 24th '21
I coldbrewed this (for over a day) and the pineapple flavor seems pretty subtle. It's okay, but nothing amazing.
Jun 17th '20
Seems pretty nice. I left it to brew for a long while and the flavor is decent. I feel like it might be better mixed with a green or black tea though. EDIT: tried it with matcha, brewed at 170 instead of 212 (still left it to brew for at least 10 minutes), and that has a really nice flavor. I may have to get more because the sample didn't go very far and I do like the flavor of this tea.
Jun 17th '20
Cute and well made. Easy to clean, I just wish the infuser basket was made with slightly finer mesh
Jun 17th '20
One of my favorites. Very subtle and smooth, definitely worth a try
Jun 17th '20
Sweet and floral, but not overpowering. Very nice
Jun 17th '20
Very nice and sweet, kinda reminds me of watermelon candy
Sep 23rd '19
I love this, such a warm, toasty tea. Definitely a favorite, no sweetener needed.
Sep 23rd '19
the grapefruit scent is strong, but the tea itself lacks the flavor I was hoping for
Sep 23rd '19
very artificial lime flavor, not my preference, probably won't be ordering again
Sep 23rd '19
A little odd, but definitely not bad. I prefer it iced with a little lime juice and sweetener.
Sep 23rd '19
mixes well with other tea and just has a nice clean lemon flavor with a hint of lavender
Sep 23rd '19
I prefer the masala chai, but this is a nice alternative
Sep 23rd '19
Interesting. Very smooth and sweet with a subtle citrus flavor.
Sep 23rd '19
really tasty, I love the blackberry with the mild herbal flavor
Feb 12th '19
Pretty good, the flavors are nice, but it's not exactly like the tea I've had at Thai restaurants
Feb 5th '19
I got the matcha sticks for free with my toasTea and I was very happy with those, but you really can't beat the price of this not pre-portioned into single servings.
Nov 4th '18
I'm missing a distinct tea flavor in this tea. The flavors are nice, but I think I'd like it better mixed with Irish Breakfast or something.
Nov 4th '18
The creme brulee flavor overpowers everything in this tea, It's really unfortunate, as I was excited to try it, but that flavor is just too much. Update: Mixed with Irish Breakfast, with ginger and cloves added, this is a bit better. Still not a favorite, but that was an improvement.
Nov 4th '18
A little odd. It smells like potpourri in the bag and I don't know how I feel about the mix of bergamot and coconut
Nov 4th '18
I love this tea. the flavor is lovely, whether it's hot or iced.
Nov 4th '18
I really enjoyed this one, the maple flavor is present and works well with the cinnamon and apple. Immediately ordered more because it's definitely a new favorite.
Oct 15th '18
fits in a wide variety of cups and teapots, very useful and works for most teas
Oct 15th '18
really nice raspberry flavor, really nice iced and mixed with black tea to make a natural raspberry iced tea
Oct 9th '18
I absolutely love this. I got one for myself and one for my mom (as a birthday gift) and I can tell I'm going to get so much use out of it.
Oct 1st '18
I really like this mixed about 60-40 with plain black tea and iced. I do wish it had some hibiscus for tartness, but a little lemon or lime juice perks it right up.
Jul 21st '16
Sweet and yummy, I definitely love this one. Would buy again
Jul 21st '16
Very spicy and quite smooth. I enjoyed this tea a lot.
Oct 15th '15
This tea is very refreshing. I think I've found yet another I will be buying more of.